Yes, I’m a Pill

Total Pill.  Deal with it.

Then zip on over to my WEBSITE and read the interview.

Remember, this is the guy who made the fabulous map in Shadows & Secrets and who is making the one for Cloaked in Secrets!!!


The Fun Continues…

Don’t forget to see the continuation of our interview with Craig Worrell!

And, on Friday, I’m going to post a contest for this Shadows & Secrets poster!  12×18″ of excitement!

Keep your eyes out and don’t forget to check out that interview.

Illustrating the Point…

Over at my website, I have an interview with illustrator(ionist) , Craig Worrell.  Craig is the supremely talented artist of the map in the front of my book, Shadows & Secrets.

As it is, Craig is going to be the only artist for any of my stuff.  Yeah, it might be because he’s the only one who will put up with me, but I like to think it’s because I can’t imagine anyone being any better.  Just sayin’.

This is a FIVE DAY series of interview questions and examples of Craig’s work.  Stop by and see for yourself.  As a teaser…

For Wynnewood Fans…

Check out Craig’s (the illustrator of the FABULOUS map at the front of the book)  sketch of Dove!

Warning:  I would not allow my children to wander around the blog without supervision.  This is a blog where several artists post their sketches and not all of them are G or even PG rated.  Just sayin’.