Argosy Junction Reviews Contest Winners

Ok, so the time has come.  I’ve put this off as long as possible, and like anything that you procrastinate over, it took a fraction of the time I expected.  Either that, or I’m so happy to be procrastinating on something else that I didn’t notice the great heaping gobs of time it did take.  Either way, I’m pleased.

First, I went through my emails and found all the ones about the entries.  Then I went to each blog and counted comments.  I checked for reviews.  I left no name uncounted that I possibly knew of.  If you didn’t email me, well, that’s your fault.  Snort.

So next…  I wrote out a slip of paper for every entry.  Remember,  that each person got an entry for reviewing at, one for blogging, and one for each comment.  As I wrote out the entries, I knew we had odds stacked in favor of Anita.  She had the most comments!  So… I wondered.  Will it follow the odds or will someone defy.  Let’s see, shall we?  We shall!

There are all the names looking so lovely!

Neatly *cough* folded and ready for picking…

The odds were with her!  Anita wins!!!

So now I have to number all her entries and draw again…

And the winner is, comment six!  Congratulations Erica!!!

So, there you have it.  Anita is now (or soon will be)  the proud owner of an Amazon E-certificate and Erica will receive a signed (or not if she prefers) copy of Argosy Junction in her mailbox as soon as I get her address, sign the thing, and pop it in the mail!

Thank you all for your lovely reviews.  I was truly humbled reading the kind things you had to say about my book.  It’s very dear to my heart, but seeing it encourage others really blessed me!


Oh boy… It’s time.  I’ve got people hounding me to know if they won so here we go… Typing the numbers into  Pleased as punch to announce the MOST entries to any one to date.  30 people entered!  Yippee!  Let’s see what it comes up with… and…

Jamie!!! WOW!  I’m so jazzed that you won!  Email me your address woman.  Aren’t you up in the frozen north now?