Well, I Decided…

Remember back when I drew for “Coinage” the February version?  Well, I didn’t know what I’d make.

I made cards.  I loved the stripe, so I went with the purple accent.  I wish I’d have done brown.  I’m not in love with these cards, but hey, they’re free, right?

Sorry Lori, what you see is what you get… if you hate them, stick ’em in a basket with some fruit and foist them on an unsuspecting church member on Mother’s day.  *cough*

For the record, the purples really do match better than it shows.  Not sure why that happened.  I didn’t like the way the paper didn’t lie as nice and flat as cardstock, but hey, I liked the stripes.  We said that already, right?

Here they are all tied up and ready to mail.  Off to find your address!

Note to self:  Figure out March’s totals prize BEFORE the end of March.

Craft Challenge: Week Five Results

Week 5–  Scrap Paper

First, I want to tell you all to pick yourselves up off the floor and give me a bit of a break.  We had two weddings, clothes to procure, we were out of town for one of them, I got sick… things happen.  Deal.  Just because someone has to put something on the back burner now and then doesn’t mean they aren’t going to finish.  It’s called a delay.  (So those who read my housewife workout blog, I’m STILL tryin’ to work it off.  Just sayin’.)

Well, I didn’t think I had much scrap paper to worry about.  I envisioned myself with one or two of these puppies…  I liked the folksy look, the bright cheerfulness, and, of course, the tote-ability.  In my workspace, it’s essential.  See what I mean?  Perfect right?  Yeah.  One problem.

I had more scrap paper than I thought.  You see, I decided to follow “Wookiemouse”‘s definition of scrap as being anything under 12×12.  So, all my 8.5 x 11” paper needed to go in here.

So, I ended up with something not quite so cute.  Enter, “The Lug”.

If you don’t know what a “lug” is, just look at this thing.  It’s black, it’s boring, and it has no appeal whatsoever.  Why did I buy it?  Well, because it will work.  Mine is kind of like the one on the right.  Except it’s all black.

I have lots of room for more stuff.  While I sorted scraps, I also cut any pieces I could into strips for cards.  It’s great.  If it used to be 12×12, I cut all the cards I could for it (usually only one, but a couple of times 2 when only a tiny piece was gone from one) and voila!  Yippie!

Now I actually want to make something.  I would too except for one thing.  Gulp.  I bought more stuff that needs to be considered.

So now I only have to decide what to do with “scraps” like these.  I don’t have a lot but I don’t know what to consider them.  Are they embellishments, scraps… what?  Things like this keep me awake at night.  Things like

Watercolor paper squares like this from Stampin’ Up!

And these little mini notes also from Stampin’ Up!

Well, and these beauties from… well…  Stampin’ Up!

Are these scraps?  Are these embellishments?  Did I succeed in my quest for finishing week 5 or am I still workin’ on it?   Just curious.  Next week…  Week 6.  (Brilliant observation of mine, isn’t it?)  Photos.  Oh. Joy.

Craft Challenge: Week Four Results

Week 4- Paper

Erm.. yeah.  See, remember, I don’t have a huge paper craft mess yet.  I’ve just gotten started in this gig, so we’re good, right?  Yeah.  Well, see this picture…

One thing I learned in this process is that those drawers and I don’t mix.  Nope.  No way, no how.  Ain’t happenin’.  You see, in those drawers, I have to pull everything out, look at it, think about it, and then put it all back.  It’s not exactly conducive to efficient crafting.  Sure, it’s easy to put away… but it’s horrible to get out.  The point isn’t to hoard paper– it’s to use it for cryin’ out loud! BTW… if you have a paper collection that is collecting dust, reread that italicized sentence again.  Once a week if necessary!

So, those drawers had to give up the paper.  That’s good, because I’m thinkin’ that’d be a GREAT spot for… yep, you guessed it (work with me here)… RUBBER STAMPS!  YIPPEE!

Yes, you too can have an amazing rubber stamp collection in nice little drawers designed for paper!

So, what did I put my paper in instead of those drawers?  Well, first I took all paper (including the stupid Martha Stewart ones with the over sized pads that didn’t fit in drawers) and tore them all out of any books, packaging, etc and separated by colors and patterns

I had the following color sets:

  • Pink/Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • White/Tan/Yellows/Black
  • Mixed

I separated all the printed first and put them into stacks.  Then I separated the solids and put them behind the printed in each color set.  Now I was ready to put them in my new container.  Here’s the funny part.  Sunday night, I didn’t do my usual prepare for this week’s crafting.  Dumb move.  I was knee deep in formatting and editing my book and was too engrossed to think about the fact that Monday I was going to be where you can actually buy stuff for this kind of project.  So, I got down to the LA area and had a wealth of products at my fingertips… and didn’t know what this week’s challenge was.  I thought it was paper, but I wasn’t sure.  I looked at several options, but since I didn’t realize I was coming home to DO it… I didn’t buy anything.  Dumb.

So, today I opened up the challenge, checked out the job, and sighed.  Then, I got to work.  I moseyed over to Wal-Mart… nothing grabbed me.  Staples had lots of options, but nothing fit 12×12″ paper.  EEK.  Then, just as I was ready to give up, I found these things on the clearance rack!

There are three racks in each one.  I bought both of the ones that our Staples had and have begged my internet buddies to do a search at their stores to see if I can get two more.  Right now, my two are not packed to the gills, but they are reasonably full.  I want to have matching things for later if I get more.

Now, my room and such is all white.  That black isn’t going to cut it, so I need to figure out how to cover it.  What do you think?  How should I cover it?  Find contact paper?  Paper mache?  Cloth?  Any ideas out there?

Here is my paper in its new home.  I think it looks happy, don’t you?

Now, I have to figure out what to do with my 8.5 x 11″ paper.  I don’t have a lot now, but I am going to have more as I do more card making.

Any suggestions?

Now, all I have to do is make it pretty (cover it somehow– off to do research for ideas for that) and decide on the 8.5 x 11″ paper.  Since it’ll likely be mostly solids, I’m seriously considering putting it in an accordion file and leave it at that.  We’ll see.  Meanwhile, share your ideas.  All I know is that I want VERTICAL storage.  Horizontal and I don’t match.