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I didn’t think we had it but alas, today I got an eyeopener. Now, we don’t have a collection of three hundred bed pans or fifty dead remotes form machines we haven’t owned for years. We don’t have exercise paraphernalia that we never use for more than a clothing ‘valet’ or a collection of trolls from 1984. My husband doesn’t have a ‘workshop’ of tools he’s never used or used once and my children have a fraction of the number of toys that the average American children have.

But today, we had to move everything up off the floor. All closets emptied, all book cases moved, all the storage under the living room pew set on the table. The result is absolutely amazing. Our living room table is COVERED (100″ table) Of course, part of what is on it is a chair and similar things but still… My bed… is loaded. Nothing is frivolous per se… a guitar, crates of pictures, Kevin’s bicycle trainer and pumps, the suitcase… Even the piano bench I think. But still, there is stuff. Everywhere. We’re loaded with stuff.

I am not of the “it’s evil to own a bunch of stuff while the rest of the world has little” camp. I consider everything we own to be a blessing and a gift from the Lord and I am thankful that we have the means and opportunity to appreciate it. I am, however, wondering how much of what I see is worth the space we allocate to it.  I keep looking at what is up on the living room table and it’s used/able stuff.  At the moment (in preparation for this extermination) I see

  • Fan- we use it every day.  It has to stay.  We’re desert rats.  We need our fans.
  • Chair- we use it every day.  Anything that increases seating is a must.
  • Two wooden folding chairs.  Used daily.  See above.
  • Air purifier.  Used during fire season.  It doesn’t need to be in here year round but where else do we put it?  It can’t get dirty, it needs to be easily accessible for the rare times an oven smokes or something.
  • Bike trainer that we don’t use/need anymore (had to get a different one for Kevin’s new bike)
  • Drill box.  Need the drill.
  • Tool bag.  Need the tools.
  • Serger.  Must. Keep.
  • Sewing Machine.  Must. Keep.
  • Trash can.  I like having one near me.
  • Cart for carrying books around the homeschool convention.  I think it needs to go to the shed, don’t you?
  • Wheeled luggage dolley we bought to help a kid with her route once.  Don’t need it anymore!  Why is it STILL in the closet?
  • Nebulizer.  Can’t live with out it.  Dad burn it.
  • Kleenex.  I’ll keep it.
  • Folded clothes… I’m thinking we probably have too many.  That’s common this time of year.
  • Sock basket (we need to cut half of the socks out of our lives)

On the bench we have…

  • An empty box
  • A fabric tote
  • The Roman Coliseum
  • More fabric
  • Plastic drawers for paper, pens, etc
  • Plastic drawers for sewing supplies

That’s just the living room.  Let’s not forget little things like my bed, the boy’s room, the girl’s room etc.

It is time to do something.  I don’t know what, but it’s time to do it.

What to do?