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Book Review: Deep Harbor ** Win Copy**

Title: Deep Harbor

Series: Northern Lights Series

Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren

Publisher’s Synopsis: As they build new lives in America, Tora, Elsa, Kaatje, and Karl each experience a personal tragedy that threatens to destroy everything they left Norway to find. Tora’s web of lies has cost her a successful future with the man she loves. When tragedy strikes, Elsa must draw upon her faith and the strength she can muster to discover who she is and the path she must follow. After her husband’s disappearance, Kaatje struggles to raise two young daughters and tend her farm, and Karl finds himself caught in a life of loneliness and emptiness. Only by placing their trust in God—and in each other—will they pass through these rough waters and find the safety of the harbor.

From the richly forested banks of the Washington Territory to the burgeoning city of Yokohama and across the turbulent, danger-filled waves of the open sea—experience the epic saga of perseverance, pain, faith, and calling in the Northern Lights series.

Well, I confess.  I didn’t think I was going to like reviewing this book when I discovered it is the sequel to the book The Captain’s Bride, but fortunately, and unlike me, Ms. Bergren knows how to write a continuing story that can stand alone.  I was suitable captivated by the Norwegian women.  After all, if they were real, they could have been my children’s ancestors.

While Historical Fiction is not my favorite genre, Ms. Bergren did an excellent job creating a tale that grabbed and then held my interest.  I love her flawed but endearing characters.  Too often, authors seem to give their characters token faults, but these women, as admirable as they are, had serious character flaws that made them believable and helped the reader grow sympathetic.

There were a couple of minor historical errors… I THINK… I haven’t looked them up so I won’t say what, but they were minor and honestly, if I didn’t have parents that were closet etymologists, I doubt I would have noticed one of them.  So, I really don’t have much complaint at all with the book, but I can recommend it and do.  I think one of the nicest things about this book is the ability to disappear into a different place and part of history.  Instead of Victorian England or  the American Prairies, this book takes you onto the open sea with people from a place not often found in Christian fiction– Norway.

I want to thank Waterbrook for providing this copy for review.  I would also like to share the bounty and offer a chance for someone else to enjoy it!  So to enter, simply post a comment and tell me what part of history or place in history you’ve never read fiction about and would like to OR that is where/when your favorite book is situated.

Book Review: God Gave Us Christmas

Title: God Gave Us Christmas

Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren

Illustrator: David Hohn

Publisher’s Synopsis: As Little Cub and her family prepare to celebrate the most special day of the year, the curious young polar bear begins to wonder…
“Who invented Christmas?”
Mama’s answer only leads to more questions like “Is God more important than Santa?” So she and Little Cub head off on a polar expedition to find God and to see how he gave them Christmas. Along the way, they find signs that God is at work all around them. Through Mama’s gentle guidance, Little Cub learns about the very first Christmas and discovers that…
Jesus is the best present of all.
This enchanting tale provides the perfect opportunity to help young children celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and to discover how very much God loves them.

After reading God Gave Us Love, I was curious what Ms. Bergren would do with Christmas!  Being my favorite holiday, I assumed I’d love or hate it.  I was right.  I loved it!  The book, perfect for preparing children for the upcoming holiday and focusing on the true meaning behind it all, starts with a little cub asking, “Did Santa invent Christmas?”

Now, honestly, I read that and thought, “Oh no!  I don’t want to rehash the old ‘Santa vs. Jesus’ thing.  Fortunately, God Gave Us Christmas doesn’t do that.  Instead, the book is a delightful journey through the frozen tundra of the north to see the northern lights, the beauty of the glaciers, and a beautiful star.  It’s a reminder that God shows us every day, in a million little ways, that He is here with us, loves us, and has provided for our comfort and welfare.

God Gave Us Christmas is probably the best children’s picture book I’ve seen on the subject of Christmas in a long time.  Check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Waterbrook for providing this book for review.  I can’t wait to share it with friends.

Book Review: God Gave Us Love

Title: God Gave us Love

Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren

Illustrator: Laura J. Bryant

Publisher’s Synopsis: As Little Cub and Grampa Bear’s fishing adventure is interrupted by mischievous otters, the young polar bear begins to question why we must love others… even the seemingly unlovable.

In answering her questions, Grampa Bear gives tender explanations that teach Little Cub about the different kinds of love that is shared between families, friends, and mamas and papas. Grampa explains that all these kinds of love come from God and that it is important to love others because…

“Any time we show love, Little Cub, we’re sharing a bit of his love.”

This sweet tale will warm the hearts of young children as they learn about all the different sorts of love, while the gentle explanations of each provide a valuable opportunity to encourage children to share with others a “God-sized love.”

As the holidays come around, gifts come to mind and what better gift than a book?  When I had a chance to review this book provided for review by Waterbrook, I was excited.  People are always looking for great new books to give, but it’s so difficult to decide which to choose.  This book is a definite possibility for the little ones in your life.

I was a little concerned as I read the synopsis.  It seemed to be the kind of mind-numbing twaddle that I usually avoid.  Oh, it was a huge relief!  In a casual tone, a grandpa explains the different kinds of love to a little bear cub and even points out that sometimes we don’t feel like being loving, but we must anyway.

The only nit picky problems I had with the book were the way they didn’t capitalize the pronouns for God or Jesus and the way a few things seemed to skirt a ‘love solves everything’ theology.  While this is technically true, in small children, it can be confusing because they don’t comprehend the difference between type of self-sacrifical love that did solve all problems two thousand years ago and affection felt for friends or family.  So, not anything major, but for those who are super careful, you might want to be aware of it.

Make tracks for your local Christian Bookstore, Random House’s website, or Amazon and nab one or more of the books in this series for that special child on your list!