March Coinage

I love these coin thing  I’ve been looking for one with a bill option all month, and while I know I’ve found them before, I can’t anymore.  Next year, I’m still doing one dollar bills too.  I decided that I’ll just pull out quarters to slide through each time I add a dollar.  It’ll work.

It’s so much fun to watch it fill up each week.  You can actually see the coins going up and up!

Ok, here are the last months’ stats:

Jan- $17.17

Feb- $38.36

Mar- $…

What is March?

I’ve taken a picture of the top of this jar and I’ll post it as soon as there is a winner.  Enter now, enter often, WIN… and come back next month for another prize and another chance.

For Reference:

Jar height:  6.5″

Jar width:  4.5″

This month, I have the prize already planned and half made!  Check it out! I’m making FOUR of these little babies!

Ok, again… it works like this.  One entry per day until someone gets within .25 cents.  I decided the .10 of last month was a bit tough.

We Have a Winner~~~

We almost had another “double digit” month.  I was tempted to cheat and add two pennies from the couch or my kid’s bank… anything… but I didn’t.  In the interest of honesty, I left it alone.

So… Lori with a guess of $38.41 was the first guess within 10 cents!!!  She wins!  Congrats.  Now I get to figure out what to send you!  Yippie!  Snort.

I thought it was fascinating how in 31 days I got to $17.17 but I went way over double in only 28 days!

Emily would have had it with $38.37… she was ALMOST ON THE DOT… but she was second.


Here we are again.  Another month, another total.  In the 31 days of January, we loaded $17.17 into this little puppy.  Look how it’s grown!!  Now, the question is, just what is the total after another 28 days?

I was astounded to watch it grow,  grow, and grow some more.  It’s amazing just how much things add up.

I wish this silly thing counted dollar bills.  I might find one that does that for next year.  I mean, what would happen if I put ALL my ones and change in a jar for a year?  Yeah.

So, because I’m into consistency, I’m asking again, “How much is in this jar?”

Each person in the family can enter once per day.  The first person to come within ten cents of the total wins…

Well, gee, I don’t know.  I mean, last month I gave away a card.  I mean, what’s the point of the frugality of saving change if I give away a car every month, y’know?  Then again… nah.  Not doin’ it.

So, that begs the question, again, what to do?  I dunno.  So, here I am again without a prize.  Need. Prize.  Just sayin’.

Someone suggested x dollars off of one of my books.  Nice of them to think of me, but the problem is, you don’t get a prize without spending money.  That’s not a prize, it’s a discount.  Just sayin’.

So, I sit here, staring at the jar in abject wonder of just what to do.

I know!  It’ll be a surprise!  Yes, indeedy.  Just guess the right amount and we’ll both be stunned by the brilliant *cough* prize I create and ship to your door.  Will it be a card?  Will it be a bookmark?  What about some kind of papercrafted amazing thing?  Who knows, but whatever it is, you’ll get it, and it’ll be cool.  Yeah.  Something like that.

Do you have the bravery, the chutzpah, the NERVE to enter a contest with such an ambiguous prize?  We’ll see.   Post your guesses now!