Ode to a Fridge

The doors open to reveal your soul
Oh, dear, in there is an uncovered bowl
Of eggs, flour, and butter so sweet
For cookies we’d all love to eat

Alas the shelves are loaded down
With food that once was golden brown
But now it sports a fuzzy do
My nose wrinkles and the kids cry, “EW!”

I’ve failed you my lovely fridge
With food that builds a nasty ridge
Of hardened goo along the shelf
I have to clean it off myself

But now you’re clean so off I go
To fill you with things that I know
The family will love to make me cook
When I’d rather sit and write my book.

You’ll hear it a lot around my house.  About every 2-4 weeks I say, “If you want me to buy food, it’s simple– clean out the fridge.”  I don’t tell them when, how, if, where, why.  I figure, if they want FOOD, they’ll do it.  Self-preservation is a great motivator.  Sometimes, the pickin’s in this house are so slim that they don’t delay.  Before I’m done with my reminder and promise of food, they’re in there pulling out the nasty old stuff and wiping down shelves.

(This is where a REAL blogger would post pictures of her gorgeous fridge with a single fuzzy container that looks suspiciously as if it was “grown” for this purpose.  I obviously do not have a REAL blog.  I have pride.  It’s sinful, but hey… I tell it like it is.)

Other times,, they wait a day or three.  Those always crack me up.  They’ll ask what is for lunch and I’ll tell ’em– “Leftovers.”  Of course, most of the leftovers in there are sporting fuzz. So, those things get pulled out.  They used to get put back, but someone (I have rocket scientists for kids) figured out that if you just put them in the sink, there’s less to do on clean out day.

Now, if they’d just figure out that there’s almost no clean out day if they just keep what goes IN, coming back out for a meal…


Yeah, right.


Image: healingdream / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I was just thinking about the point of eating the other day.  You know, food is necessary to keep a body going.  That’s why we eat.  We don’t eat to store it up for some odd day sometime when maybe we’ll use what we ate.  It’s a little like manna.  You know?  They were given just the food they  needed to make it through that day.  Similarly, food we eat that we don’t burn is wasted– and becomes revolting.  You know… those rolls and rolls of extra rolls around our guts.  Yeah, I was thinking about it AFTER getting ready for an “event.”

But then my mind swerved to scripture.  Just how often do we gorge ourselves on the Word but never use it in our lives?  I have to admit, I know I’m guilty of it.  Isn’t that what James called being “hearers of the Word and not doers?”  Makes you think, doesn’t it.  It seems weird to consider yourself a “spiritual glutton.”  I don’t think the point is to read the Bible less but to use it more.  Just like (for me anyway) the point isn’t to eat less food (I don’t eat a whole lot of it anyway) but to exercise more.

Yeah.  Time to get me some new walkin’ shoes so I can do some real exercising.  It’s time.  And as I start walking, perhaps it’s also time to do a little praying, memorizing, and meditating.  It’s time to put “feet” to that Word I claim to love so much and show my faith “by my works” kind of thing.


Oh, and another silly thought I had when I was analogizing… there is no such thing as “junk food” in scripture.  Isn’t that great!  It’s all wholesome food!  Some might be milk, others might be meat or honey, but none of it is “junk.”  YAY!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ever since I was a very little girl, I’ve had a favorite holiday– Christmas.  I’ve blogged about it dozens of times.  However, for me anyway, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if Thanksgiving didn’t give it a kick-off.  On this day, every year, as we enjoy the bounty that the Lord has provided for us, I’m often humbled.

We have delicious food– lots of it.  Heaping bowls of mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, rolls, pies, and of course, our family favorite, Hungarian Coffee Cake.  It’s a reminder, using all the senses, that we’re so very blessed.  The dishes, dirty counters, filthy floors, and cluttered house are a testimony to just how much we have to be thankful for– and to share.  I sit here, exhausted after scrubbing up after cooking up a storm, and dinner isn’t for four more hours!  The house is still a mess, the counters covered with more dirty dishes than the sink and the dishwasher could handle, papers on my living room floor from the couple of hundred of newspapers that my children delivered this morning.  The table is loaded with books for me to ship and Lorna’s doll house.  There’s laundry to fold, and well, we need to do some work in here– and this is only what I can see from my chair!

After I’ve rested, I plan to get up, clean up the room, and then take a shower.  We’ll eat, play a game or three, watch a movie, listen to music, and in the middle of that, we’ll probably start putting up the Christmas village.  I love this time of year!

This year, Thanksgiving is extra special to me.  In my NaNo Novel, I’m writing about the future– 2125 to be exact, and a woman from 2009 who was abducted there.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter… they all don’t exist anymore and watching my character try to recreate the holidays that meant so much to her is really giving me a fresh appreciation of them for me.  I’m seeing everything in a new light.  The food just isn’t empty calories or worn-out traditions.  The abundance of food represents the abundance of our blessings in this country, in our homes, and in our lives.  I know the argument can be made that people over-indulge to the point of gluttony on this day.  This is, most definitely possible.  However, regardless of the veracity of that assertion in an individual’s life, the fact is, it’s hard to over-indulge when you have nothing with which to do it!  It’s still a testimony to the goodness of God.

Tomorrow, this day will be a memory– one more year of feeling thankful for what the Lord has done in my life.  Today, however, I’m going to live it.    This week alone had so many things for me to be thankful for.

Monday— Lunch out with dear friends.  Every time I publish a book, Teresa, Glenda, and I go to Nicoletti’s Cafe and have a ‘signing’.
Tuesday—  My Nolan.  He turned fifteen this year.  Also, my new teeth.  They’re going to be so amazing!  I can’t wait.
Wednesday— My husband and I ‘celebrated’ (by existing in a continual state of marital happiness) our twenty-first anniversary.
Thursday— A lovely meal with my wonderful family.
Friday—  Black Friday sales, decking our home for Christmas, and this year, a ‘write-in’ for NaNoWriMo.
Saturday—  … I can’t imagine what it’ll be, but it’ll be amazing.
Sunday—  The Lord is good, I am thankful, and it’ll be another wonderful Lord’s day.