I didn’t get graduation up last week, so here it is as well as this week’s of Jenna dressed for the homeschool formal.  YAY!

Oh, and I started a new blog (stop laughing) to catalog places that have kits I like etc.  I am always finding things and then later don’t know where they are.  Bookmarks don’t work, I’ve lost more files to organize this stuff than you can ever imagine, so I am hoping this will work.

Stamp-a-logue.  It is a lot of fun!


I’m Late…

It’s April third and I’ve just made my banner.  I forgot about it.  100% forgot.  Weird, eh?  I’m not completely satisfied with this month’s banner– last month’s was definitely better, but I love the elements I used from this amazing Kit by Irene Alexeeva, Fresh Beginnings.

Isn’t that little chick too adorable?  I just fell in love with nearly everything in it.

I’ll probably play with it a bit more, but if not, it’ll have to do.  My struggles with these silly banners doesn’t do justice to Ms. Alexeeva’s kit, but I tried.

Giving Thanks~

This month’s banner isn’t one of my favorites.  I’ll probably try again later this month.  Every month can’t be as easy as last month’s was for me.  And, yes, I’m sick of the word “month”.  So far, every sentence I’ve written has had the word “month” in it.


However, the fault of the ho-hum banner is not this marvelous kit from Penny Springman of Sweet Shoppe Designs.  I was so amazed at the incredible papers, the elements, and the alphabets in both dark AND light!  It also has lower and upper case letters in BOTH dark and light.  Talk about impressive!


Can’t you just see your Thanksgiving pictures on the page with these lovely mottos, that gorgeous butterfly, and oh man, the barrel.  I know my “take two” will use that barrel.  It’s amazing.


Now, one thing I discovered is that it is hard to find fall/Thanksgiving themed kits that aren’t “cutesy”.  I wanted a turkey, some Indian corn, lovely pumpkins, baskets, maybe a realistic looking cornucopia… that kind of thing.  Nope.  I didn’t find most of it– but this kit had the closest to what I wanted of all and I am so thrilled to have it.


Now, for take two…  I have to do that.  This kit deserves a better showing.  I told you, these tiny banners are HARDER than a full-sized page.  I promise!

Harvest Spice: October’s Banner

Compliments of the Shabby Princess, I used this FREE (for personal use only) kit to create this month’s banner.

The Shabby Princess has a wonderful collection of FREE kits that are perfect for beginning designers to use  until they get a feel for their own personal style and how they like to use things.  Then, once you get familiar with digi-scrapping, head on over to their lovely Shoppe where you can choose from an amazing array of marvelous kits that are sure to take your scrapbook pages from drab to delightful!

Banner Blogging~

Well, today was an interesting day.  I created my July blog banner and eagerly ran over to look and see how it looked.   The cool picture that looked so neat on istock looked hideous on my banner.  Three istock credits wasted.  I’m so dish-illusioned (name that movie.)  So I sat and stared for a bit and then realized that I should be using some of the amazing digi-scrap elements and papers that I have.  Of course, this is July and in this month we celebrate my birthday and the birthday of our country.  I don’t have any Americana digi-scrap elements.   Uh oh!

Off I ran to Google them.  My brilliant friend Kim informed me that the best way to find what I want is to look for forums where people have asked.  So I go do that.  Nada.  However, being a kind as well as brilliant friend, she pulled up a pile of suggestions for me and I hurried over to Sweet Shoppe Designs to see what I could see.  And LOOK what I found!  Isn’t it coolified???

The designer is Dani Mogstad and I love quite a bit of her things.  I like how she provides enough to do a clean look but not so simple that it is boring either.  It seemed to have a nice balance to me.

An interesting thing I found, however, is that designing on a 720×180 pixel canvas is much more difficult than a 12×12 inch page!  MUCH more difficult!  However, it’ll be good for me.  I don’t usually have trouble making pages that I like.  Most others might find them sparse or aesthetically unappealing but for me, I like them and that’s good, right?  Gulp.  Well, I’m finding that doing this banner was harder so I think I’m going to make this a regular thing each month.  It’ll challenge my creativity and every year on my birthday I can do a blog post showing how I’ve grown, matured, and improved as a “scrapper” in the blog banner design realm.  Snort.

In addition to that, I’m going to showcase the work of the designer(s) whose elements and papers I use.  What a fun way to give them a ‘thumbs up’ for all their hard work.  Do visit their shoppes.  See what they have to offer… splurge and buy a kit or three.  But after you do, USE IT.  Don’t just file it away for ‘later’… grab a few pictures from your memory card and DO somethign with it.  Your family will thank you one day.  Forget that, YOU’ll thank you one day.