D is for Dee

Henderson, that is.

She’s BACK!

Coming this October, Full Disclosure!

Ok, I fell in love with Dee Henderson’s work a VERY long time ago.  I read one book and then another.  I bought them in hardback.  I devoured them several times over.  She has a way of writing that keeps you turning the page even when you really need to get up and make dinner.  She’s fabulous.

Even my husband read a few!  That was back before he remembered that he LIKES reading.  Snort.

So, when year after year passed and no books came, I was discouraged.  I hate to see a good author disappear.  I had heard theories on where she went.  Heck, I had a few of my own.  I didn’t know if I was right or not, but I wondered.  Turns out there’s a whole lot of truth in people’s theories and just as much wrong.  When I got a letter from her last week, I knew things were coming back around again.

So, I am waiting for October with huge impatience.  I want to pre-order the book so badly I can’t stand it, but I want to buy from our local bookstore too, so I’ll be patient.  I’ll wait.  But in the meantime, I think I’ll reread an O’Malley book every other week or so.

Now, if they’d only make them into movies too…