Back in October, I got on Amazon and started the process to becoming Kindled.  Now, Kindling isn’t the kind of thing you’d think.  While some books might light a fire under you, I’m talking about the Amazon electronic book thingie, “The Kindle.”  Let’s just say, it was a nightmare.  I filled out every question, answered every one, and waited.  I got an email.  “Please prove that you are who you say you are.”  Oh gee.  How thoughtful of you to ask.  Well, I can spell the name correctly.  Shouldn’t that be enough?  You’d think, right?

Well, then I found a new POD publisher.  I like Createspace.  It’s my friend.  I have a much FASTER trek to Amazon and I don’t have to pay to get on Barnes & Noble with them.  The Amazon thing makes sense.  After all, they own Createspace.  What I didn’t get was why they made it fast and easy to get on their competition.  Whatever.  I’m thrilled.

Well, last night, I was doodling around Amazon and decided that since I’d moved all my books to Createspace, maybe it’d be a faster process to do the Kindling now.  So, I tried it.  They tell you it takes 24-36 hours.  HA.  Twelve hours later, I’m officially Kindled!  YIPPEE!

Check it out!  We’re talking the latest thing in books!  I’m on the cutting edge of technology with my un-techy stories!  So, here they are!

Ready or Not

Noble Pursuits

Argosy Junction

Ain’t it just COOL!

WINNER!!! Shadows and Secrets~

So I woke up this morning to some absolutely HYSTERICAL comments.  I’d almost decided to offer a second for the funniest.  However, the winner happens to be one of my best friends today because not only did she make me laugh, she saved me money by winning in the first place!

Congratulations Sharon.  Hope your In-laws enjoy their read aloud.  SNORT.

The Annals of Wynnewood: Shadows and Secrets

Series: The Annals of Wynnewood

Title: Shadows and Secrets

Book: One

Author: Chautona Havig (that’d be me)

Publisher’s Synopsis: No one knows what the cloaked creature is or why it is so terrifying.  The villagers of Wynnewood only know they must stay away from ‘the Creature’ for fear of their physical and spiritual safety.

An unfortunate encounter with a dragon introduces Philip Ward to the Creature, and to his surprise, he finds a friend, confidante, and companion in more adventure than he’d ever dreamed possible.

Follow Philip and the creature as they rescue a lame child, discover ‘pirate treasure’, and test the mettle of true friendship.

Shadows and Secrets is the first book in the Annals of Wynnewood.

Well, this book was one of the most unexpected of any of the books I’ve ever begun.  I was sitting, writing another book (that is yet to be finished), when I wondered what medieval superstitions would do with differences that we often see as unique.  I wondered about portwine stains, ‘hare lips’ (as they were called back then),  and similar anomalies.  Within hours, I had several chapters written and the rest is history.

No fantasy book is complete without a map of the area, so I begged everyone I knew to suggest an illustrator.  My friend Michele immediately demanded suggested that I contact her friend Craig.  Being the obedient person I am, I did.  Craig was so enthusiastic about my little underpaid project, I knew the map would be brilliant.  And don’t you agree that it is?

Isn’t it just the most amazing thing?  I am so thrilled with it and I can’t wait to see what he does with the map for the sequel, The Unicorns of Sceadu.

Shadows and Secrets is written for fantasy lovers of all ages (and has been enjoyed by young children through adults), but my target audience was 11-15 year olds.

If you’d like a copy, feel free to email me at chautona @ chautona . com or hit the paypal button.  I’d be happy to sign it for you, wrap it for you, and get it to wherever you need it to go by Christmas.

In keeping with my tradition of giving away a copy of a book, I’ve decided to give away a copy of this book, gift wrapped if you request it, and shipped wherever you want!  Feel free to enter as often as you like, but make sure someone has entered between your entries (no back to backs).

Book will arrive in time for Christmas.  This contest ends November 30, 2009.


Oh boy… It’s time.  I’ve got people hounding me to know if they won so here we go… Typing the numbers into  Pleased as punch to announce the MOST entries to any one to date.  30 people entered!  Yippee!  Let’s see what it comes up with… and…

Jamie!!! WOW!  I’m so jazzed that you won!  Email me your address woman.  Aren’t you up in the frozen north now?