I love to give away stuff.  I mean, who doesn’t like to go out to the mailbox, reach in, and find something that a “stranger” across the country (or one of the big ponds) sent to you?  Well, how you feel when you get it is almost as wonderful as I feel when I get to do it.

Random House/Water Brook/Multnomah gives me a lot of books to review.  I rarely keep them even if I loved them.  (I live in a small house and don’t have room for anything but the absolute necessities when it comes to books).

However, I have a secret for you.  They don’t pay for postage for me to give them away!  Yep.  The skin flints (tongue firmly rooted in cheek there) give me the books, mail them to my house, but don’t provide packaging, postage, and gas to the post office.  Imagine that!  Snort.  And frankly, I’m glad they don’t.  Book prices would have to go up to pay for it.  I’d rather just send it myself since I’m the one that volunteered in the first place.

However, there are a few little things that you need to know when you put your name in the “Hat” for a book.

  1. I do pay for the packaging, printing, and postage of everything I’m sent.  I do not get reimbursed.
  2. I do this as a gift to you guys.  I like to give gifts.  It makes me happy.

So, why do I say all this?  Well, because I’ve occasionally gotten an irate email demanding to know where their free book is.  I’ve had people ask why they didn’t get their book.  They seem stunned that I can’t ship books without an address.  Imagine that.

So… if you win a book or prize:

  1. I’ll ship it when I get to it.  Usually immediately, but once in a while it’ll take a week or two.  I have a life outside prize shipping.
  2. I can’t ship it without an address.  I try to send emails to everyone, but spam filters tend to think that is equal to vile phishing garbage or something so if you didn’t get one from me, something ate it.  I am not responsible for that.
  3. I am also not responsible for things once they leave my house.  I’m really sorry if the post office ate the package, destroyed the contents, or decided to stick it in the break room to alleviate boredom.

It’s much easier if you just

1.  Comment to win a book

2.  Come back to see if winners have been posted

3.  Email me at the email address on the sidebar with your address.

Meanwhile, I’ve given away a ton of stuff with only a couple of problems so mostly this is just a disclaimer for the rare grump who forgets that I’m just a mom in the desert giving away prizes in her free time.

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