Most links to books, movies, and similar things are Amazon Affiliate links.  Basically, this means if you click a link to a book etc. from Amazon, I make a few pennies.

I am also a “Blogging for Books” reviewer and as such, many (but not all) of the books I review I receive gratis from Multnomah/Water Brook.

I also occasionally do reviews on books or movies that I personally paid for.  If the blog post does not say, “I received this book from…” etc., you can be sure that I purchased it myself.

Giveaways are paid for out of my own pocket (either the shipping or the whole thing if it isn’t a book review book provided by Water Brook/Multnomah) unless otherwise stated.

I am available to review books or products upon request.  Just contact me at chautona @ chautona . com.

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