Days 8 and 9:

Tile work takes mucho timo (That’s a little pidgin Spanish ala Kevin.  😉

However, this is looking pretty coolified to me.

Day 8:

29 30

LOVE that little ledge.  Perfect for a razor, no?  I suspect that’s what will live there.  🙂  This is all pre-grout… but the next day…

Day 9:







That poor plumber was under the house for half an hour today!  I should have had donuts for him.  I’ve heard he likes them… a lot!

Tony is still speaking to me after installing our new shower curtain.  I think this is proof of his amazing skills as a contractor AND his longsuffering as a Christian.

Is that grout not amazing?  I love it.  I love the whole thing.  I’m just jazzed beyond belief.  WOOT.

Now what I don’t have pictures of (awkward lighting at the time) are the two holes in my wall.  One is next to the toilet.  Yep.  The wall with the bathroom door has a hole in it… inside is going to be my toilet roll dispenser–the one with space for a SPARE ROLL.  COOL BEANS STUFF HERE.

Oh, and there’s a hole on the wall opposite the toilet where my RECESSED SHELVING is going.  Yes, there will be room for things like towels and other essentials right there without having to call out and beg someone to bring a towel or a new bottle of shampoo or whatever.  YEEEHAW!

7 thoughts on “Days 8 and 9:

  1. Eeek! Look how CLEAN it is!! The tile work is amazing, as is the shower curtain! Good job, guys!! dhbarbara, I can imagine Luke and Chad working together on it…

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