Thought of the Day

I just had a thought.  Don’t worry.  Don’t panic.  I do that from time to time.  As scary as it might seem, it’s usually harmless.  Usually.

Today’s thought?  Well, it started when I saw a blog post somewhere that seemed blatantly designed as a slap in someone’s face.  I don’t know the blogger at all and I don’t know who on earth they might have been trying to “correct” or “vent” about, but the soapbox styled blog post just FELT like a backhanded attack–a passive-aggressive way of letting someone know what they really thought without confronting the person directly.

My guess is that the blogger was doing no such thing.  I mean, I post a lot of soapbox-styled rants on here.  I do it because it’s a topic I feel passionate about at the moment, but I don’t necessarily feel like debating it on a message board.  I just want to get my thoughts “on paper.”  It helps me think.  And, because I have this blog where I can ramble about things that matter to me, well… I share it.  For those who get a kick out of the ridiculous things I say from time to time or for those who are as ridiculous as I am and want to feel like they’re a little less crazy than some people might think.  😉

But, this time I wondered.  Does it happen?  Are blog posts a way that people can attack another person, stealthily, rather than deal with a real issue with a real person?  I bet it does.  I bet it happens much more than I realize.

I’m tempted to scroll through past posts of mine to see how many were rants about things inspired by something someone said that I agreed or disagreed with and how many were a way to blast someone for something I didn’t want to address with them?

Tempted… but not quite ready for that answer.  Not today.  Maybe tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. *OUCH*… this post could easily have been written in response to a recent post I wrote (Letter to my ex-mother-in-law) as I was def. venting about some goings-on. My only defense is that I’m an on-the-table kind of girl, dealing regularly with underhanded meanie-pantses who won’t talk straight. Sometimes the only tool for communication I have at my disposal is my bloggy-blog. Because then it’s done, black & white for all the world to see. I still wish she & I could sit & have a discussion about our differences, so that we could move past personal grudges & start putting my kids first… but there is a lot of anger & bitterness on that side of the family. So at this point, I guess it really doesn’t matter WHAT move I make, because any direction is deemed incorrect in their eyes. Sorry if I came off offensive… & doubly sorry if I’m taking overly personal a post not even aimed at me. Regardless, you got me thinking, & that’s always a good thing. xoxo

  2. I think we’ve all done it, and I think if it was how someone best heard what I failed to get through, I might do it deliberately– particularly someone I NEEDED to deal with things. Family, very close friend, etc. I think that makes sense. It may just be how THEY want you to communicate. I get that. 🙂

  3. I had the same reaction as Andi-Roo, OUCH! I have been tempted to do this, but have resisted so far. Probably because I am too afraid the person I am ranting (at) about will read it. 🙂 Very good reminder to deal directly with others or to address the issue intrapersonally (in other words, grow up!).Thanks for great post!

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