Z is for Zippo, Nada, Nuttin’

That’s how I feel about some things.  I feel like they’re nothing in the grand scheme of things.  For example, thirty days of blogging 6 days a week.  Half of what I wrote was nonsense. It had zippo, nada, nuttin’ in the sense of redeeming value. You know what?  Who cares?  It was fun.   Sure, I added to the glut of prolific verbiage out there, but I enjoyed the discipline of the challenge.

I did this for three blogs.  Two of them stayed on track the whole time.  I’m writing this before the end of the month, so I’m not sure if I made it or not on Eclectivity, but I’m going to stick it out until it’s done anyway.  HA!  How’s that???  😉

So… Zat’s all folks!  Back to normal boring stuff like my soapbox rants, gym workouts, 3 day shopping, and things I overhear that get my grey matter stirred.  Hope it wasn’t too obnoxious.