X is for Check Boxes

No, I didn’t cheat!  In those little boxes next to a million things, they don’t want a “check mark” they want an X.

I like check boxes.  It’s fun to tick off things as they get done.  You feel so productive.  In fact, whenever I have a list of things to get done, I tend to write down, adding to the list all day, anything I do that would have made the list had I remembered it when I made said list.

I kind of feel sorry for housewives a thousand years ago.  I mean, they didn’t have nice little pads of paper to write down their lists of things to get done.  Sometimes, I think their minds must have been much more keenly developed.  Then again, they probably had a much less varied existence, so maybe they didn’t need lists of what to do when/where/how.  If they didn’t remember, they could just look at their neighbor and see that today was the day to dry fruit or whatever.

I have a theory.  I’m convinced that the vast number of radio waves being used for our society is causing white noise in our brains and that is why we rely so heavily on lists, paper, computer, PDA, phones, etc.  Without them we’d be toast because our grey matter is turning white from the noise we bombard it with.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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