S is for Sleep

Dear Young Mothers,

Can you picture the scene?  The dinner dishes are half-washed.  They’re half-washed because mid scrubs, the baby woke up screaming again.  The floor is still littered with crumbs.  The baby never stopped crying.  It’s almost eleven o’clock, baby just went down, and you’re exhausted.  However, the dishes are calling, the floor feels disgusting, and there’s that pile of laundry that never did get folded today.

You want to go to bed.  You NEED sleep.  However, the work won’t end.  Waking up behind–again–it’s too much.  You will never get caught up again if you don’t just stay up and get it done.

Don’t.  I beg of you.  Don’t.  Turn off the lights, go to bed, and sleep.  IF you have to be up for an hour at 2 a.m. then sure, feed the baby and sweep the crumbs or clear the counters again until the baby falls asleep, but then GO TO SLEEP.

Your body needs it.  I know you feel like you can handle it.  I know you feel like you can’t just give in forever.  Guess what?  You won’t have to.  Sleep.  It does a body good.

2 thoughts on “S is for Sleep

  1. I have forgotten what it feels like to be fatigued. So tired I want to cry. All of my littles are big, and I go to bed when I want. Now other things keep me awake………but I’m never tired during the day. I don’t know why? I should be.

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