Q is for Quiet

I know, cliche, right?  Look.  I love my quiet. I’ve always been annoyed by noise.  I like my children quiet (not quite seen but not heard… but quiet.  Then again, my mom always said, “Children shouldn’t even be seen.”  Snort.), my music quiet (no rock, PLEASE), and the voices in my head quiet.  Oh wait.  Forget I said that.  Wouldn’t want to give away too many secrets.  😉

There’s a magical time in our home–a time when darkness hovers in all the rooms and the gentle lullaby of a turbine engine masquerading as a fan descends upon us like a comfortable blanket.  It’s my favorite time of day.  Silence. No questions, no quarrels, no queridas quacking in their play.  Sorry… the alliterative bug bit me.  I squashed it.  We should be good.

There’s a lot of talk about how moms need “time away” and “me” time and all that stuff.  I say, forget it.  Just give me a couple of silent hours a day and voila.  I am a new woman.  I guess it’s the introvert vs. extrovert thing, right?

So, while the experts tell me that I need to get out to “recharge” and “not lose myself” I know my weaknesses and strengths.  I know what I need.  I need quiet.  So, I build it into my day.  I take naps.  I stay up after the rest of the family goes to bed.  If I had a porch, I’d escape to it now and then.  If I had a patio, same thing.  I make sure I get QUIET.

Yes, it sounds selfish.  You know what.  I think that’s a bunch of bunk.  You see, no one says, “Needing food is selfish.  Making sure you get food is just selfish.”  No one says, “Needing sleep is selfish.  You should forgo it and stay up all night planning great experiences for your kids or scrubbing the house from top to bottom so that your life looks perfect.  It’s selfish.”

Yes, if I make quiet more important than my child or my husband, then sure it’s selfish.  Just like if I make eating more important than getting a kid with a severed finger to the hospital is selfish.  However, it’s not selfish for me to make a kid wait while I eat my lunch before I help him color his picture or dress her doll.  And it’s not selfish for me to make sure my brain gets the rest it needs.

Quiet– it does a family good.

4 thoughts on “Q is for Quiet

  1. Thanks for touching on the selfish thing and clearing it up. My mom needed quiet, but she wasn’t always so good at demonstrating her need for it without making us kids feel like chopped liver. I try not to pass along that quirk. All she knew was she would go bonkers if one of us ran in and out again… or if we said, “Mom” one more time… she needed quiet and she would make sure she got it… and I think she felt guilty for needing it.
    I now understand both sides of the situation. How it feels when Mom needs quiet and how it feels to be the Mom who needs quiet. (:

    Just don’t call it “quite”. “Y’all sure are quite tonight.” Quite what?
    It’s an epidemic where we live… dialect. Like all the women who use “tee-tee” for what babies, puppies, and other people do in the restroom. Tee-tee. Drives me bonkers.
    Since I’ve pointed it out how they pronounce “quiet”, my girls look at me and nearly snicker when their teachers at church tell them to be “quite”. Seriously.

  2. Oh, quite is a pet peeve of mine.
    Story about tee-tee. Imagine it in a thick Texan accent in a 2 year old. It comes out a bit more like Tay-tay Now imagine a Californian babysitting said kid and thinking she’s trying to say, “Daddy.” So, the kid is frantically calling, “Tay Tay!” and I’m almost as frantically assuring her that “Daddy will be back in just a little bit!”

    Not until she began the knock-kneed shuffle did I figure out that she needed the bathroom. I thought she was saying a really THICKLY accented “pee pee” and was so confused as to why it came out “tay tay” (my family are Okies… the accent isn’t THAT different).

    I scratched my head for years after that. Tee tee.

  3. i like quiet too. Ideally, a few hours a day. Doesn’t happen most days, though. 🙂 Popping in from A-Z and enjoy your blog. I’m encouraged to find fellow believers, and am now following you. Come check out my Ballpark (just click on my name.) Nice to find you!

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