M is for

Music.  I have highly eclectic tastes in music.  So, I’m doing a top 26 (in honor of the alphabet) with A-Z there too!  Why not.  We live once.  I’m also linking them to my favorite versions.  Because I can do that.

Of course, my favorites change all the time AND there is that little bit about not being able to find my favorites or to have to pick one out of a dozen for a single letter.  I like it.

To see what other bloggers are doing this month, check out the HUGE list of bloggers HERE!

4 thoughts on “M is for

  1. You took me back to 1996 when I fell I first heard “stranger on the shore” in Mr. Holland’s Opus… I feel in love! That song has something about it.
    I learned to play “Under the Bamboo Tree” in college… and didn’t realize it was in Meet Me In St. Louis until a couple years ago.
    The Chant of the Wanderer had a referral video… wondering if you know it… Gaither Vocal Band covered it “Cool Water”. (:

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