K is for


Our family has been praying for the adoption of dear little Kiffanie for many months now.  The process has been fascinating for me to read about, and I though I’d share adoption from the spectator side.

You see, I had the idea that adoptions were about paperwork, deadlines, bureaucracy, passports, visas, prayer and more prayer, and then waiting.  And they are.  Oh, the hours, days, weeks, and months of waiting.  The piles of papers.  The checks, balances, and more checks of another kind!

Her girls, being the helpful souls that they are, recorded a CD.  Surprisingly professional for amateurs!  It’s lovely.  I expected to like it, but not as much as I do.  To order a copy of it, visit Harp and Hammers for more information about the CD AND to learn more about their adoption process.

All of that felt very familiar and normal to me.  But other things weren’t!    It never occurred to me that they would have to learn new hairstyles, research products, and try to build a simple wardrobe for a child who wasn’t there.

Simple things like advice aren’t so simple when it comes with every word you speak.  It gets even more fun when it’s contradictory–and I’m seeing this all from the outside.  How on earth must it be for the mom who has to filter her research, her family dynamic, one person’s experience, another person’s experience, this expert, that expert, and hello!  Wow.  Dell’s graciousness is incredible.  I’d be going crazy.

So Kiffanie comes home in just a few weeks.  They have tickets, they have cute clothes waiting for her, they have fingers ready to do hair and books loaded on an iPad.  It must be a little like birth.  How strange.  You prepare for months.  You wait and wait.  You pack your bag for the hospital, you wait some more.

We’re waiting for you, Kiffanie.  We’re so excited that you’re coming!

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1 thought on “K is for

  1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Chautona! It is amazing to me how many are praying, waiting along with us, and excited for our little girl to come home. Knowing so many are praying along with us on this wild journey means so much, multiplying the moments of joy, lifting us through the moments of frustration and weariness… Thank you!

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