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I have learned, the very, very hard way, that I need inspiration in my life.  Lots of it.  When I was in baby mode (where every other year I had another baby, I used to reread a stack of books that encouraged me as a wife, mother, teacher, and Christian.  I read them EVERY time.  It kept my mind on things that were pure, true, of good report.

Home school conventions, every other year, kept me going.  Kept me enthused.  I needed that refreshment.  I haven’t gone for a few years.  I need it again.

The same is true of things like writing, crafting, sewing, singing,– everything.  I need inspiration.  A picture of a beautiful meal inspires me to cook something delicious.  A blog with well-ordered closets, a Pinterest board of organized supplies, or a TV show like Hoarders can make me want to clean and organize from top to bottom.

Yes, negative inspiration works too.  Hearing a woman berate her husband in public tends to make me want to go home and treat Kevin like the king he is of this castle!  An out of control child in the park or the store inspires me to stay consistent with my child training.

However, beauty in all of its marvelous forms like heroism, selflessness, loveliness, and similar things inspires me most.  I am a very sensory person.  If it is a delight to the eyes, the ears, the touch– if the scent or the taste reaches out to me, teasing me with delightfulness, I am there– inspired and ready to go.

What inspires you?  Is it visual?  Audio?  Tactile?  All of the above?  Do people overcoming adversity inspire you to do the same?  What is it?

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