H is for

Thanks to Wikipedia commons for use of the photo.


They’re trying to come back.  Again.  About ten years ago, someone gave us some hollyhock seeds from their plant.  Challice planted them.  They grew.  Tall.  Every single year.  We do nothing to them.  We don’t prune, we don’t weed, and frankly, half the time we don’t water.  Speaking of which, I’m going to have Ethan turn on the water right now.

I love that they do this.  It is just doing what God designed.  It’s beautiful.  They’re a lovely rich magenta when they bloom–darker than the flowers on the right.

You know, little things like flowers that show up without work on my part just make my day happy.  I wonder if I have ever stopped to thank the Lord for that little gift.  I have a sick feeling that I haven’t.  Well, I’m doing it now.  Thank you for flowers that brighten my doorstep.  I bet my mail lady likes seeing them too.

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