F is for Fun


No, really it is.  It could be family, friendship, faith– so many important themes.  I could write about things with depth and — oh who am I kidding.  I want to write about fun!

You know, I’m supposed to be a “grown up.”  (I can resist all I want, but when you’ve got 9 kids and 2.99 grandkids, you’re a grownup.  You just are.)  Well, grownups get to have fun too.  The sad (or is it funny) thing is that my idea of fun as an adult isn’t that different than it was when I was a kid.  My favorite pastimes as a kid were

  • Reading.  I loved it.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  I often wonder how I managed to get through some of the books I read without being corrupted by the ugliness in some of them.  As an adult, I reread or thought about some of those books and EEK!
  • Writing.  I love writing.  I always have.  I’ve written poetry, songs, book after book after book and I did the same thing as a kid.  I like to pretend that I write better now than when I was twelve in Ventura.
  • Walking.  I walked everywhere.  To the beach, across the desert, through a wash… I walked.  Over and over.  I still like to walk– more than I remember actually.  Of course, these days I’m walking on a treadmill.  Never getting anywhere, but walkin’.  It’s SO FUN.  Ahem.
  • Coloring.  Even as a teenager, I LOVED to color.  Guess what I love to do now?  I color like crazy when making cards.  It’s my favorite thing to do.
  • Baking.  I love to bake.  I don’t do it as much as I used to, but really… it’s something else I love.

So, curious here… what do you do for fun?  Is it vastly different from when you were a kid?

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