“A is for

Annabelle, grandmother’s doll. B for her box in the chest in the hall.”

Sorry, the A-Z thing reminds me of that wonderful alphabet book by Tasha Tudor, A is for Annabelle.  I have long been a fan of the beautiful artwork and simply lovely stories of Tasha Tudor.  Her life was fascinating and her work priceless.  Of all her books, Becky’s Birthday, Becky’s Christmas, and A Time to Keep are probably my favorites.

There is another series of books that this blog thing makes me think of.  Originally put out by Country Bumpkin in Australia, the A-Z books is a fabulous series of books that show you step-by-step, with glorious photos of every single thing you might need, how to do things like embroider, sew, knit, crochet, and other hand and stitch work.  If you need to learn any thing from smocking to stumpwork, check out the A-Z books on Amazon.com or eBay (there is a wider variety on eBay… just sayin’).

4 thoughts on ““A is for

  1. I love A-to-Z books. I’ve never seen this one here, but it sounds adorable. Makes me wish my kids were still young enough to get a kick out of A-to-Z books but they’ve sadly gotten past that age. (They grow up way too fast).


    • I am one of those silly folks who still likes them at my age. I love the artwork, the tone, the little rhymes…
      I have a friend who will smile at your name. One of my characters is Cara… and her Jonathan often calls her Cara mia.

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