Feel the Burn

In your calf.  On the side.  Limp.  Limp, Jane Chautona, limp.  Ignore the pain.  Suffer.

Yeah.  The last two didn’t happen.  Halfway through my treadmill course today, I gave up.  I was limping.  I tried to up my mph and when I couldn’t walk out the burn, I finally conceded defeat and went home.

Somehow, it seems like today’s workout wasn’t meant to be.  I tried to go but stomach trouble sent me home for relief and more food.  I finally get back and did all my leggy stuff.  Extensions, curls, lifts, oh wait.  I forgot the lifts.  DRAT.  Someone was using it so I went over to glutes.  Yeah, my bum got the burn too.  Couldn’t do shoulders and back because I did arms yesterday (since I didn’t get there on Monday.)  I wanted to sleep tonight, so I saved shoulders and back for tomorrow.  Yeah.  Complicated.  OY.

Then this.  I lost 15 minutes of the treadmill.  😦  (10 minutes of workout and 5 of cool down)

Remind me that it’s much better than last month at this time when I hadn’t walked in weeks.  Remind me that at least I did SOMETHING.

Lie, if necessary.  I beg you.