Steppin’ It Up…

Not easy to add poundage when workin’ out.  Easy to add it when pregnant, but it’s not the kind of poundage we’re talking about.  I tried to convince myself today that all this blubber hanging all over my body has simply been my attempt at resistance training while walking around all day.  Yeah.  Sure it is.

So, a few things got a five pound raise today.  Brits would love that, wouldn’t they?  Show up at work and hear, “Hey, you’re getting a five pound raise today.”  My arms didn’t love it.  They are obviously not Brits.

The other trainer guy today showed me how to use other machines to get a better ab workout.  Oh joy.  No, I need it.  I wasn’t the slightest bit sore after the last ones and today he said I was doing them right.  Obviously I need more oomph in my quest for oomph. So, more machines tomorrow.  Yippie doodle!!!

Walkin’ got a boost too.  It was only a few minutes of more, but a few is better than none, right?

Arms aren’t as sore as before, but they are still sore. I like knowing I’ll wake up sore and stiff but not in dire pain.  That’s a good thing.

Oh, and I got a nice compliment.  There’s a man that’s very encouraging to everyone given half a chance.  Today in response to something he said, I joked that I really wanted to be able to chase around the grandkids.  For the record, I don’t look old enough to have them.


2 thoughts on “Steppin’ It Up…

  1. I really want to crap out on my 5am trip to the pool in the morning. I really want to sleep innnnnnnnnnn. I already missed today. So, I’ll really be ticked off at myself if I skip it again.

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