I think I Muffed It

My sit ups on the “ball.”  I’m supposed to do them for “abs.”  They were too easy.  I’m not sure what I did wrong.  After all, I did try to work only from my abdomen. So, we’ll see in the morning if I’m sore at all.

Right now, soreness is doable.  It’s there, it’s constant even, but it isn’t PAIN anymore.  I also notice that with less pain, I don’t have my stomach growling within minutes of getting home.  That helps a lot.  I eat– actually that was today’s revelation.  A few facts about me.

  1. I forget to eat– often
  2. I rarely feel hungry.  I know I’m hungry when I want to go to bed and can’t think.  Problem is, I can’t think so I don’t realize I’m hungry.  It’s a vicious cycle.
  3. I lose weight when I eat more.  Not when I eat healthy or when I do anything that the books say to do.  Volume in equals weight down for me.

So, when I looked at my situation, I realized that I’ve been eating more the past week or so.  First, I did not want to exercise on an empty stomach.  That made me eat fairly soon after getting up.  That helped with my fourth food fact that I wasn’t going to share.  I will now.  Warning:  TMI

When I go too long between meals, food runs right through me.  Yeah.  I used each word there very carefully.  It’s what I do.  Just take note.

So, last week, I had no issues with too long between meals because not only did I eat when I got up, I ate when I got home!  I was hungry.  I FELT hungry (weird feeling btw.)  I ate snacks pretty much all day.  BULLY FOR ME!

So, if this does nothing else for me, I might lose a few pounds just by eating more often!

I really want the energy more, though.  I mean it when I say that if I get NOTHING else but some “oomph” from this I’ll be satisfied.  Do I want less poundage?  OH YEAH!  Do I want to go down a few sizes?  Ya, sure, you betcha!  I want to go down at least 100 lbs.  That’s not going to put me at a skinny weight btw.  However, I mean it when I say that if it only gives me energy again, I’ll be satisfied.

However, I might be ticked off that I had to spend so much time EATING.  Sigh.