3 Day Shopping- Day 6

Another shopping day yesterday.  My tally would have been 72.00 but I stocked up on meat.  Chicken chests, roll of hamburger, and a roast.  Chicken goes on sale a little less frequently so I wanted a little more to help get me through the 3 day stuff.  That brought it up another 41.00 that I did not need and won’t use for some time.  I figure it’ll even out later or something.  Don’t think I’m going to need more than bread, fruit, and milk on Thursday but I may find I’m wrong.

Grand tally…

Day 1: 75.00
Day 2: 122.00
Day 3: 20.00
Day 4: 91.00
Day 5: 117.00
Day 6: 113.00

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