3-Day Shopping- Day 5

Well, today was another day.  Again, I wasn’t tired when I got back and was able to take inventory of what we might need next time when I put stuff away as well as noting what needed to be used up etc.  I know, you’re supposed to do that when you leave, but I didn’t.  So, I am at least semi-prepared for Monday.  Now, I have enough stuff right now to cover breakfasts for the next week.  I have lunch meat for a week too.  So, those won’t need to be bought on Monday and while we have plenty of meat in the freezer, chicken chests are on sale, so I’ll probably be buying some of that anyway.

We’re having some fun meals in the next few days.  Kids are having tater tots & chili tonight.  Not a meal I like, so it works since Kevin and I are going out to dinner.  Tomorrow, beans, ham, and fried okra.  mmm.  Sunday we’re having chicken/bacon sandwiches.  Yummified.  I bought a bundt cake (gotta remember to have a kid put it in the fridge… we LOVE those cold for the fun of it.  I got fruit, veggies (asparagus), and a bunch of bread etc.  mmm.

Grand Tally:
Day 1: 75.00
Day 2: 122.00
Day 3: 20.00
Day 4: 91.00
Day 5: 117.00

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