3 Day Shopping- Day 4

What?  You think it should be day 5 or 6?  You’re right.  I didn’t go on Friday or Monday.  We had the stomach bug in our house and frankly, I didn’t feel like it.  So, I didn’t.  Now I know my husband spent money at the store during those days… it looks like a total of about 65.00 but I can’t be sure if that’s all or not.  Too bad.  This is about me going every 3 days not him.

Today I went and bought meat for three days– tri tip, ham, and chicken chests.  I also needed vegetables for chicken soup, salad greens, and the stuff for pico de gallo.  Eggs, milk, bread, chips (to go with the gallo de la pico), beans, fruit… Cereal and oats… a lot of stuff like that.  I bought a TON of food (and tri-tip isn’t cheap meat… it’s not steak, but it was an 11.00 hunk of meat.  So, with all of that I spent 91.00.  Again, some of that will carry over (the chicken for one).

Grand tally…

Day 1: 75.00
Day 2: 122.00
Day 3: 20.00
Day 4: 91.00

4 thoughts on “3 Day Shopping- Day 4

      • Love that term. Modesty and cheeky fun, combined.

        Funny thing about words, especially on the Internet. I used to get ads on a free Geocities website I had. I think they were linked to buzz words in the text. You can imagine the type of ads that “Mercy’s Embrace” brought up. Yikes.

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