Three Day Shopping

WHAT!  Me?  Shop more often rather than less?  For GROCERIES?  Have I lost my mind?

Well, if I have, it’s “good riddance” in my book.  So far, this has been working out nicely.  I’ve noticed at other times that when I shop more frequently, we save money and have less waste.  So, I want to try it deliberately this year.  If I get a few months in and see that it is a bad idea or can’t be done, ok.  I’m good with that.  However, I want to give it a good go– stick through the hiccoughs and really make it work if possible.

Day 1 (Tuesday):  I spent 75.00.  As of last night, I have enough chicken left over for making another meal.  We’ll be having chicken lasagna tonight.  Aside from a thing of cocoa powder (needed for a project.  We don’t keep it in the house usually), and a gallon of milk, we did well.  I expect gallons of milk to be needed.  We go through almost a gallon a day so we don’t quite make it on 2 gallons in 3 days.  With more room in the fridge (from less leftovers and wasting food), I might be able to buy 3 now that our stores do not give us a savings on buying in pairs.

Day 2 (Friday):  I spent 122.00.  However, due to packaging, I will not have to buy any meat or the cereal for two breakfasts on Monday.  WOOT!  So, I expect Monday’s food for 3 days will be closer to 50.00.  We’ll see if I’m right or not.

One unexpected blessing was energy.  Grocery shopping usually involves two carts and me exhausted by the time I get the food in the door.  I collapse on the couch and the kids put it all away.  This leaves me with less understanding of what was tossed, what we didn’t need after all, and as much as I need to, not being able to repackage food.  Today I came home and did it all.  I wasn’t exhausted.  I am doin’ the happy dance.

1 thought on “Three Day Shopping

  1. Awesome! This intrigues me, as well.

    How do you live without cocoa powder in the house? It baffles me when people tell me they never have it. I know we go through a box at least once in 2 months.

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