Out with the Old

In with the new.  Year that is.  It’s ridiculous how much stuff I’ve got going for this year and yet really, I’ve got plans that are a bit underwhelming too.  I really tried not to overdo it and as a result, I feel like I have much too much and much too little all at the same time.

1.  Finish the card sketches.

Going to do this by doing the “Friday Five” where I use one stamp/stamp set five totally different ways with 5 different sketches to discover if I want to keep it or not.

2.  Pay off all debt again.

Hospital bills first.
Dental bills next

3.  Hit 500 mile mark in walking

Walking during the day again while the weather permits.  Even if I hate it.

4.  Do the 52 weeks photo thing again– maybe life won’t mess it up this time.  Still gotta catch up.

Hmmmmaybe I need to do the pictures on Sunday nights.  I usually have nothing on my plate those nights.

5.  Make new shades for the living room.

January– definitely

6.  Finish Aggie

By end of February

7.  Finish Mismatched

By end of March

8.  Finish Everard

By end of May

9.  Publish Adric

By April

10.  365 days of creativity.

Make a list of things I want to do.  Yeah.

11.  Plant Zucchini, crookneck, and tomatoes.

In March I think.

* Purchase 6 railroad ties.  Cut 2 in half.  Finished by March for planting.

12.  Develop a 3 day shopping habit.

Start on Tuesday  Shop for Tuesday night, Wednesday, and Thursday.

13.  Make Roman Shade for our other window in our room.

January Project

14.  Remove 12 totes of “stuff” from storage.

Remove one per month.

15.  Record all the albums in my closet on the usb turntable.


16.  Finally go on that murder train ride?

Look up when the WWII one is and buy tickets.

17.  Plan Christmas stockings better.  Shop

Have planned and purchased by Dec 1.  (one person per month?  I think so.)

18.  Make family calendar board.  (Pick yourselves up off the ground)


19.  Get Ethan reading more.

Daily reading with me.  Twice per day.

20.  Biweekly game night

Non-flex Thursdays.

21.  Biweekly old movie night

Flex Saturdays?

22.  Meet my self-challenge of dual books in Nano

Plan the books.

23.  Back to consistent blogging

Schedule blog posts a week in advance.

24.  Tags for Christmas presents done before December

One tag per week would do it… hmmm

25.  Find a new style top that is comfortable, different from what I usually wear, and is flattering (insert laugh here)

No idea how to do this.  I think I have to GO shopping… which means out of town.  UGH.

26.  Haircut every 10 weeks whether I need it or not.  Snort.

Make a recurring appointment with Beth.  January.

27.  Modesto.

1.  Pay for booth.
2.  Order banner.
3.  Make sure tax thing is all I need.
4.  Reserve room.
5.  Order books.
6.  Save 150 per month to cover expenses.

28.  Twelve new recipes that make it into the rotation so we can retire a few overused ones.

First Flex Friday of the month.

29.  At least one sewn project per month outside of Lorna’s wardrobe.

Plan the months.


30.  At least PLAN OUT the HK Craft Queen project.


31.  Try to set up and organize the Doll Trunk Swap.


32.  Do something fun for Kevin’s birthday– last year in his 40’s!!!

Plan by June 1.

33.  Camp WriMo!


34.  Plan birthday presents a full month in advance at the least.

January- Kaylene
February- Ethan
March- Challice
April- Braelyn
May- Jenna & Kevin
June- no one
July- Friend
August- Lorna
September- Andra & Euphemia
October- Nolan & Stephen
November- Morgann

35.  Give T-tapp a full 2 weeks shot to see if I want to continue.

June or July

36.  Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System.
*Using http://www.youversion.com/reading-plans/professor-horners-bible-reading-system/1 *

I have until the end of January to make changes and then it’s set.

Consider mom and dad’s memory book–  If so, what goes?  Shirt?  Train ride?
Oh, and really– this year I should do the whole “submit Plotting Santa to agents” thing.


3 thoughts on “Out with the Old

  1. *drops into chair* Wow! That is a long list!! Which is Mismatched? Have I heard of that one before? I wish you would finish Allerednic…

    Happy New Year! 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

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