Thanksgiving 2011 Is Over… Hello Christmas!

Well, eight Hungarian Coffee Cakes, four pies, two batches of rolls, an enormous batch of mashed potatoes (without a single spoonful left), gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, and TURKEY later, Thanksgiving is over.  We played games, did a bit of shopping, enjoyed more good food than we usually eat, and enjoyed a lot of work.  Yes, I mean enjoyed.  My eldest son turned seventeen– full circle from birth.  He was born on Thanksgiving Day.  I tease him that the Lord did that to remind me to be thankful for him.  As if I needed it.  Friday began the Christmas season.  I was awakened at around six-thirty by my daughter Andra and I drove her out to Inyokern so she could go shopping in Lancaster with friends.  I came home and went back to bed while the family shopped.

At ten o’clock, I got up and Kevin and I went to buy a new laptop.  The one I wanted was no longer on sale.  I was so disappointed.  The one I have I liked, but it isn’t as perfect as the other one was.  I am working on letting go of that disappointment.  I had no idea why the other one mattered so much to me.  I had no idea I felt like that.  I didn’t know.  However, I’m getting accustomed to the change.

Friday was spent pounding out words, cooking more, and having fun with the kids.  We played more games, laughed a bunch, and then had Mud Pie to celebrate Nolan’s birthday.  It’s a tradition.

Saturday was even more exciting.  Christmas trees, decorating– a beautiful house.  I love my house.  It’s exquisite right now.  There are lights, villages, greenery, trees, cranberries, candy candles, and even better- a new carousel!  We splurged. Everyone spent Saturday night stringing popcorn and cranberries.  We sang, laughed, and enjoyed hot chocolate with a dinner of leftovers.  YUM.  Unfortunately, Morgann had to zip on back to Irvine in order to have time to finish assignments.

Speaking of which, most of Sunday was spent writing by three of us!  While Braelyn took her final math test (possibly of her life), Nolan wrote about the evolution of science fiction in the twentieth century.  Jenna and I both wrote of pirates.  She wrote about what they are, what they stole, and such, while I actually wrote about pirates stealing, murdering, and finally reaching the Caribbean with a huge prize to boot!  (Or is that booty?)

Finally, at around ten o’clock, I finished and validated my 50k words for my NaNoWriMo novel.  This novel excites me.  I love the young boy who battles self who wants his own way against what he knows is right.  He loves and respects his father and yet despises their life and wishes for a different one.  Finishing was great for me because there are only about another 10k words to finish.  Now, if I could just find a replacement for illegitimate children.  There is one sentence where I WANTED to use that word.  I really wanted it (that’s a pretty unusual thing) but of course, it’s inappropriate.

So, now life goes back to normal.  Tomorrow I have more cleaning to do– my room is a disaster. It always is the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I need it cleaned up so I can get going with the rest of the month.  December is a huge thing in our home.  We have a lot of fun.  I can’t have fun in a mess.  No, no I cannot.

School goes back to mom involvement (including me helping the older kids to break down their papers better in the future– oh and I won’t be scheduling two intensive classes to take place during the same week and on the week of Thanksgiving!  YIKES!  My poor son was writing on Thanksgiving (remember… his birthday too).

It also means my blog is no longer neglected.  It means that Confessions of a Decluttering Junkie can end now!  Just a few more posts and it’ll end!  I have another idea for January.  “Frugal to a Fault.”  I can’t wait for you to meet our new friends.

Life is good.  I am very blessed.  I have had a lovely life, a wonderful family, and God to keep me grounded when things feel like they’re spiraling out of control.  Isn’t it strange how feelings are lies just as often as they are truth?  The feelings are real, but they may not necessarily be true.  That’s what my life feels like when it feels so uncontrolled.  It is.  I live in the palm of the Lord’s hand, in the shadow of His wing.  I am a daughter of the King of Kings and my life reflects that– even when I can’t see it.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, my friends.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2011 Is Over… Hello Christmas!

  1. I can hardly wait to read about your pirates!! I can’t believe how fast you write either!! I wish I could write that fast!

    It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! I wish I could see some of your Christmas decorations! I’m looking forward to getting our house decorated! I love looking around at Christmas decorations, all over the house! 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

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