It happened.  Today was the day.  The genesis of the holiday season!

It all starts with turkeys.  Every year I buy a turkey a day for a friend.  So, today I decided to go early so she could pick it up when she picks up her son from Driver’s Ed.  That’s tradition one.  I stepped out of the car and heard one of my favorite sounds of the year.


That obnoxious clack, clack, ding, ding, ring-a-ling of the Salvation Army Bell ringer.

The holiday season has arrived.

Oh, and I forgot to go out that side of the door so I could drop in my first change.  I feel gypped.  Oh, well.  An excuse to go again later, no?

1 thought on “Excitement

  1. Yes yes yes, a thousand times yes. The sound of the bell lures me out of whatever lull I happen to be in and pushes me into a world full of wonder and joy as if I were a kid again.

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