Fall+Me= Housecleaning

What is with me and fall housecleaning?  Every year I get the bug.  I look around me and WHAM.  I see walls that have fingerprints, doorjambs that need touched up, floors that need a good mop and polish, cabinets that could use work.  I want to smell Murphy’s Oil Soap and lemon oil.  I need it.  My entire being craves it.

Of course, I don’t exactly crave the WORK.  Do I want to go outside and hoe all the weeds?  Not hardly.  Do I want to rake the yard and sand the trim?  Yeah, right.  That’s the dream of my heart.  However, regardless of my inner laziness, I have two weeks until the annual nightmare begins.  Maybe that’s why I crave cleanliness so much in fall.  November 1, starts the mess du an (of the year).  I’m a writing fool.  Ok, I’m always a writing fool, but I up the ante exponentially in November. This means that I’m not exactly um… observant about how well the kids do their jobs.  I’m not exactly um… invested in the house in November.  Then, as NaNo winds down, I’m in the throes of Christmas.  My room becomes the dumping ground.  I hate dumping grounds.  Just sayin’.

So, maybe this is the reason.  I don’t know.  However, the tote that has made its home beside my couch since April is going to get itself removed.  After all, it’s fall now.  Those clothes can go back in my closet.  Ahem.  The dust above the high bookshelves need to be removed.  If I were a health inspector, I’d condemn my living room and hall closets.  Guess what are getting done?

Oh, and I think it’s time to suck it up and get my husband to record all of our albums so that I can get rid of them.  The DVDs are going in a binder.  It’s time to dejunk.  I want stuff gone.  G.O.N.E.  Which brings me to another thing.

It’s time for Kaye to finish her project and move on with her life– after all, there’s more to it than de-junking!

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