Book Review: Beneath the Cloak ** Win a Free Copy**

Book:  Beneath the Cloak
Author:  Chautona Havig (why, that’s me!)
Publisher’s Synopsis:  After two years of friendship, adventures, dangers, and triumphs, Dove still wrestles with the ultimate question.  Is I AM the God of her heart?  While Philip struggles with the direction of his own life, his friend’s secret threatens to divide more than friends.  Who is Dove?  What is Dove?  And can Philip truly accept her when he discovers who is beneath the cloak?  The adventure continues beyond anything they could have imagined.

Ok, why on earth am I writing a book review of my own book?  Actually, SURPRISE!  I’m not.  Well, not really anyway.  I’m more… writing about this series and giving it a shameless plug as well as giving away a free copy (it’s tradition…  I’m into traditions).

This series started with an idea… how would people in more superstitious times handle people who were just people but looked very different.  I thought of white people showing up in places where dark skinned people had never seen white and visa versa.  Would it be seen as a thing of beauty or would they recoil from the unknown?  I knew that in medieval times, people feared others who had what was called a “hare-lip.”  What about port-wine stains, eczema, or even more rare and obvious things like “elephantiasis” etc.?

In a world with such overt superstitions, I wondered what would happen if Christianity was still new and fresh.  Wynnewood was born.  I enjoyed melding the older English language and medieval English lives into one new world.  It is fantasy– I can do that.  I did try to keep MOST of it accurate to the time, but well, I doubt there were dragons, unicorns, or dwarves inhabiting northern England at that time.  I thought I was making Lord Morgan a bit progressive for his time with things like the freshwater moat etc. , but I learned that a lot of the things we “know” about that time are very inaccurate.  For example:  we hear about how they bathed as little as possible– once or twice a year.  Not true.  Even “peasants” bathed as often as they could.  I think it was the Roman influence.

I had fun with Dove and Philip.  I enjoyed the unlikely friendship, the misunderstandings, and their adventures.  I procrastinated on finishing the series because I didn’t want the fun to end.  So, I gave myself permission to write more– whenever I need to escape back into Wynnewood.

As much as I’d love this to be a review that raves about the fascinating trilogy that every family must read, I can’t do it.  However, maybe you should just read it yourself and see if you rave about it!  I can dream, right?

The book is here.  It’s ready.  It’s waiting.  Will it come to your home?

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Beneath the Cloak ** Win a Free Copy**

  1. Will it come to your home?

    One way or another it will! Winning would be super, but if not, I’d never get away with not buying the final book for Paige!

  2. Mitchell is currently reading his copy of the book (BTW he is so pleased that he gets signed copies as he puts it “my Mom is friends with the author so I get special copies of the book.” One day I hope to be able to afford the entire collection to present to the boys’ elementary school. Mitchell, I know, has been talking it up to the school librarian.

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