Winner of “Lend Me Leave” is….

I read the first book some months ago and I love it. My review is at my blog in case you want to read it. Honestly, I need to reread it to refresh my memory. Finally Book 2 is available so I plan to get it if I don’t win. Thank you.

After a jaunt over to where it told me that the winner was number 19, I jogged back over here, counted the entries–twice– and the winner is Luthien 84!  Congratulations!

Please email me at chautona at chautona dot com with your address and I’ll have it shipped right out to you!

Everyone else, do not walk, do not pass go, just RUN your fingers over the keyboard and place your order now!  You won’t be sorry!


I do apologize for the delay in choosing a winner.  Thursday afternoon, my husband was hospitalized, then transferred, and well… other things were a little more important on Friday– like figuring out when I’d be driving 90 miles to get him some help!

Hope it was worth the wait!

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