I’m Walkin’, Yes Indeed…

Ok, yeah, I’ve got song issues.  It’s who I am.   Oh well.

Tuesday-  Two miles.  It was nice.  Cool fresh walk.  Love the moonlight.

Wednesday-  Three miles!  I saw tons of people out.  It’s another reminder why I like to walk later.  I don’t like running into people.  It’s annoying.  Just sayin’.  However, on my second pass, two young girls asked to use my cell phone.  I let them.  They needed a ride.  I’d been debating whether to make a third pass or not, so by the time I got to my last quarter mile before hitting two, I decided to grab twenty dollars from my purse and if they were there when I went back, I’d have them call a cab.  Their ride must have come, because by the time I got back, they were gone.  And I did three miles thanks to them!  Woohoo!

Thursday-  WIND.  Horrible wind.  Fought not to run while walking one direction and fought to make it back while walking the other.  I went two miles.  I don’t think I’d have survived three.  It was brutal.

Friday–  Thanks to stomach upset, I chose not to walk.  Turns out, I could have gone.  Murphy is alive and well and trying to sabotage my exercise efforts.

Saturday-  Two miles.  I just love walking at night.  I’m kind of bummed that we had cloud cover that kept hiding the moon… it’s so big and bright… and the clouds hide it.  Grr.

Sunday-  My left shin started to hurt.  I wasn’t sure about it, so I only went a mile and a half.  turns out, I think I could have gone a full two for sure.  🙂

Monday-  Oh, got smart about this walking thing.  See, tonight I didn’t want to walk.  I got out there and was ready to quit at the beginning.  So, when I got to the half mile point, I walked the quarter mile back, turned around, and returned to the halfway mark again.  That way, I couldn’t quit at a mile.  Two and a half… almost went for that other half, but I didn’t.


Oh, and a nice side effect to walking at night?  I’m learning interesting things about lunar cycles.  Woohoo!

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