Just a Thought…

When I am eighty and need a ride to the store or help with a project, will my children sigh and sound like it’s a huge inconvenience when they agree?  Will it go like this:

Me:  Hey, do you have time to run me to Wal-Mart this week?
Kid (who isn’t so little any more):  *groans, sighs, or otherwise sounds terribly put out for the “inconvenience”*  “Ok… I’ll come over later….”   *insert another heavy sigh*

or will it sound more like…

Me:  “Hey, do you have time to help me get the cooler going this week?”
Kid:  “Sure.  Happy to.  Can’t come until Thursday, is that ok?”

Why do we let ourselves sound like the slightest thing is such an inconvenience– even if it is!  So what!  If we’re going to do it (and even if we’re not) why not be pleasant about it?  Will we want to feel like a huge burden when WE need help later in life?

I think I’m getting better about it…  I know I’ve got a long way to go.  Thank goodness my children are merciful.

2 thoughts on “Just a Thought…

  1. Some days I think you must have a hidden camera in my house. I am oh so guilty of acting put out or put upon when the boys ask me to do something (even if it is something I don’t mind doing or something I need to do because they aren’t able to do it). I’m also starting to notice that same attitude creeping into them…..better work harder at the joyous attitude. Thanks for the reminder.

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