Chicken Bacon Sandwiches…

Tonight’s dinner.  Family favorite around here.  It’s pretty easy but a smidge time consuming if you cook a lot of bacon for a lot of people without using the oven.  I haven’t mastered oven bacon yet.

You’ll need:

A couple of chicken chests.  I use an entire package and then save the leftover meat for salads and such.
Enough Hoagie/Sandwich rolls for your family (Takes 2 packages of six each for ours)
One package of bacon for each  package of rolls that you bought.  (Seems to be a good rule of thumb but you can get away with a little less
A bottle of herb & garlic marinade (or a good recipe for one and make it yourself).
“Salad Greens”  (I just use bagged salad greens on my sandwiches and then make a salad on the side.  Yummy– especially if you have hard boiled eggs for the salad.  Just sayin’)
Honey mustard (most of the family doesn’t use it on theirs.  I think it’s amazing.)

Ok, so you take the marinade and pour it over your chicken chests.  I use a 13×9 pan.  Cover with aluminum foil and pop in the fridge for the rest of the day.  Needs at least 2 hours.  I tend to do 4-6 or even more.

About one and a half hours before dinner, put the whole pan in the oven, turn onto 350, and let it cook for about an hour and fifteen minutes (that’ll make up for the lack of preheating).

While that is cooking, cook the bacon.  If you do the oven method, make sure you do it before you bake the chicken or bake the chicken early enough to have the oven free for bacon cooking).

Now, if more of us liked it, I’d grill us some onions for the sandwiches right now.  Just use a couple of teaspoons of butter or olive oil in a nonstick pan and add sliced and/or diced onions.  cook until translucent and getting brownish on the edges.

When the bacon is done, butter each of the rolls and cook on a griddle.  We like ours brown.

Take the chicken out of the oven, slice into 1/2 x 1/2 x 3″ or so pieces and pile on the bread.  Add a few strips of bacon, some freshly washed bagged salad (I like spring mix… just sayin’), and squirt with honey mustard.  Add onions if you made them.

Serve with salad.

Salivate.  Eat.


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