Cleanly Beautiful…

I tend to think of beautification as a project.  Making something, arranging something, organizing… I rarely think of cleaning as a beautification process.  I wonder why that is?  I mean, what else could cleaning be?

Yesterday I woke up feeling out of sorts.  One of my earliest posts of the day on my stamping board was,

I woke up today and thought, “I’m not happy,” so, I looked around me and started doing things that would make me happy.  A little decluttering and some Murphy’s Oil Soap and I’ll feel a lot better.

It did too.  A few hours later I posted on Facebook, “Today, happy smells like Murphy’s Oil Soap.”  It did.

I found myself wondering just how often I over-complicate things.  Yeah.  Probably much too often.  One of the things that makes me happiest is when I look around me and my house and life is “clean.”  It’s silly, but clutter stresses me.  Dirt depresses me.  And yet, how often do I ignore those things in order not to obsess over them.  I tend to be very “either/or” about that.  You’d think the queen of complaining about a pendulum could at least balance order and cleanliness, but come on.  Since when am I logical and rational?

I don’t care how perfectly decorated any place is.  I don’t care how amazing someone’s craftiness or artistry is.  If the place is dirty, it won’t look nice.

I have old hardwood floors.  From what the previous neighbor told me (she was here when the original owner moved in), these floors were never sealed.  The people who bought our house were so eager to move in, they didn’t wait for the floors to be done right.  There are times that this bothers me.  After all, shiny floors are pretty.  Because these floors are old, beat up, stained with black marks here or there etc., I tend to let them go much too often.  How silly of me.  The floors are still my floors.  They look beautiful when cleaned.  In fact, when they’re clean and oiled, I happen to like them– just as they are warts and all.

Yesterday I needed an infusion of beauty.  My first inclination was to find fabric I liked to replace the ugly door shade.  Um… yeah.  Still wanna do that.  However, it wasn’t the solution.  Not really.  What good is a pretty door window cover if the doorjambs are dirty, the floor is dirty, and the first thing you see when you step into the room is a cluttered table?    I thought so.

Oh, and you know the old decorating trick about having a large mirror on a wall to give the illusion of more depth to a room.  It only works if the mirror is clean.

Just sayin’.

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