Just Keep Walking, Just Keep Walking, Walking, Walking…

Tuesday- Well, tonight was fun.  Around seven o’clock, I began to get anxious.   I was ready to go.  Weird, I know.  By eight, I was nearly drumming my fingers.   At ten-thirty, I took Nolan to get Fruitistas, dropped him off with them at home, and went to it.  At the end of mile one, I did become concerned that my leg was going to start acting up.  It felt odd somehow.  By 1.25 miles, it was soreish, but more in front.  By 1.5 it started feeling less sore, and by the time I got to my car, it was fine.  Absolutely fine.  WOOHOO.  Whatever it was, it walked out.  I’m thinking my body is rediscovering these odd things called muscles.  Apparently they don’t like to be used when they’ve been allowed to lay around all day and do nothing.  Weird.

Wednesday–  Stamp Club night.  I decided to wear my walking shoes and voila.  I’d save a 2.6 mile round trip to the walkin’ grounds.   Yeah.  Challice decided to walk with me.  Everything would have worked out just Jim Dandy but for a couple of things.  Take note.  If you mix up your routine, make sure you at least pretend you’re doing it the regular way.  I managed to get out of the house without my headband– can you say hair blown in your face thanks to Mariah (that’d be the wind for those of you of limited “Chautona approved” musical education)?  I also forgot the flashlight.  Oh, and to eat dinner.  So, we walked in the dark, talked, chatted, had a great time, and then when she walked home, I drove to Jack-in-the-Box for a Bourbon BBQ Steak and Cheddar Sandwich.  Yummy.

Thursday- I walked.  Yes indeedy.  It was thrilling.  My legs got sore in all new ways but the cool part was…… NO PAIN!  Woohoo!  Rah, rah, sis, boom, bah!  And, I almost went 3 miles and thumbed my nose to caution.  I didn’t.  Be proud of me.  Be very proud.  Snort.

Friday-  Here it gets interesting.  After all, we  can’t make this too easy, now can we?  Oh, no.  Not at all.  It wasn’t the shoes.  My shoes are lovely thankyouverymuch.  It wasn’t the weather.  Windy, sure, but it has been since about September.  So, no biggie.  Had nothing to do with stamina.  I’m building that like crazy.  Love me some stamina.  Sooooo, “What was it?” you ask.  I’m glad you did.  I’ll tell you.  Wildfire.  No, Ridgecrest hasn’t been obliterated from the map.  The fire was about 40 miles or so away.  No, thanks to said wonderful wind, we got smoke.  Lots of smoke.  My lungs burned.  Totally burned.  I gasped, I choked, I nebulized with the best of them.  I guzzled a six pack of Coke.  I kid you not.  Still was dying.  There was a problem too.  Saturday we had a wedding to attend.  150 miles away.  Guess what?  It didn’t look like I was going.  I tried everything.  I did not walk.  That was sad.  Couldn’t have if I’d tried but man did I want to try.  sigh.

Saturday–  The family went to the wedding– well, those who fit in the car did.  I did not go.  Instead, I stayed home and prayed for mercy on our car’s soul… er, I mean engine/transmission/whateverpartswereactingupbythetimehehitPasadena…

Sunday-   Ok, so I only walked a mile.  Sue me.  I figured after all my lungs went through and2days of hardly moving (so tight muscles),that was pretty good.  I wanted to add another half to get my ticker back up to even numbers, but alas, no go.  I walked.  That’s what matters.  It felt good to get out there again.

Monday-  Another night, another walk…  Life is good.  I went for the mile and a half this time.  WOOT.  Nice even ticker now.  No idea if I can walk tomorrow.  We’re headed out of town.  Am I nuts to take my shoes with me in case we have to stay overnight?  Yeah.  I didn’t thikn so.  Then I knew it meant I am.  I am pretty excited though.  I’m over the 30 mark.  69 miles to go.  Exciting stuff.

3 thoughts on “Just Keep Walking, Just Keep Walking, Walking, Walking…

  1. You are doing great!!

    I don’t think your nuts. I would take the shoes. You might be sorry if you don’t. 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

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