Increase to Decrease…

It’s funny how sometimes things are opposite of how we “know them.”  We all know the scripture (John 3:30), “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  Well, for me to “decrease” I must increase my distances.

Tuesday- I started walking during daylight hours to get “sun.”  I spend no time in the sun, so I decided to try that.  It works too.  I’m quite happy with it.

Wednesday- My lower right leg didn’t allow me to go a pull .5 or .6 mile, but .4 works.  I managed to get the other 1.6 done just before midnight.    Interestingly, now that the monthly weight increase is gone, I’m at the weight I always am if I am not eating enough and getting no exercise.  241.8.  Soooooooo predictable.  I am trying to remember to eat more too.  I’m sure it will help eventually!

Thursday-  I had stiff muscles today.  I don’t quite know why, but I’ll work on stretching better tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll walk after doing a little housework for more of a warm up or something. My leg muscles are all sore, but it’s that good soreness that comes after work out.  I made it .5 miles  in the sun.  I tried again tonight, and only made it another mile.  I am a little tired of the soreness and pain.  Sigh.

Friday-  Ok, so I spent $120 on new shoes and was eager to test them out.  I made it a mile.  Barely.  The frustration is huge.  I don’t know why I can walk all over the place, in nasty shoes, and still be fine, but I buy official “walking” shoes and pain.  It’s ridiculous.

Saturday-  On the off chance that I have sprained/strained a muscle, I took the day off.  That hurt in a whole new way– pride.  Sigh.

Sunday-  I got desperate.  I decided to try the “walk/bike” path in town to see if maybe it’d be flatter.  It was.  I stopped at 1.5 miles only because I thought MAYBE my legs were starting to act up.  They weren’t, but I didn’t know and I’m glad I didn’t risk it.  Until I’m sure, I’m going to keep being cautious.

Monday-  Two miles.  Yep, I did two miles and probably could have easily gone another half or more.  I thought I should do two miles for a week or so before I bump up more.  I want to be able to continue it.  Woohoo!

3 thoughts on “Increase to Decrease…

  1. “Keep walking…”

    I don’t know if you know that song, but I hear it in my head every time I read one of your walking posts! 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

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