I Go Out Walkin’… After Midnight…

Sometimes.  Yeah.  See, my walks are at night.  Usually between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.  Sometimes around ten.  It varies.  I’m also brilliant at stating the obvious.  Why walk at such a late hour?  Well, solitude for one.  I can usually count the cars out on one hand– and we live on one of the busiest streets in town.  I also like the quiet, the cooler temperatures, and the lack of sun beating on me.  The sun always makes me so ill.

Tuesday- I read about all the troubles with the “Shape-up” style shoes and decided to replace the Dr. Scholl’s once I was using.  I hadn’t wanted them in the first place, but they were the most comfortable ones the store had, so I just deal with them– until a friend told about her friend breaking both ankles while wearing them– and she didn’t FALL!  Another friend mentioned that her mother did the same thing, so after checking out reviews, lawsuits, the works, I decided to wait until the “bugs” were worked out of the design.  So, with new shoes, I went walking.  One of the hardest nights of all.  I so wanted to quit.  Seemed like every bit of me ached.  I was SURE the new shoes would help the side pain, but they didn’t.  Sigh.  See, the side of my lower legs work (straight up from outer ankle to around the middle of the calf has been aching.  Ached even faster this time.  Sigh.

Wednesday- Limped along.  Every night seems to be another, “Do I go?  I’ve gone every night for eight nights… what’s wrong with a simple night off?  Sigh.  Apparently not.  I walked.  Didn’t wanna.  But I walked.

Thursday- I had blisters, aching legs, it was getting cold and I was tired.  I walked anyway.  The good news is that I didn’t need my nebulizer.

Friday- Graduation.  To be honest, I can’t believe I walked it.  I mean, seriously?  After all the hoopla?  But I did.

Saturday- Honestly, it was torture.  I was so tired and the limping began in the beginning.  I really didn’t know what to think.  I almost went home.  I mean, how much pain should you endure to keep going?  Is it worth it?  I didn’t know.  I fought for it though.  Barely finished.

Sunday- Desperation drove me to buy Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts.  I put one in my right shoe only.  It worked.  Worked GREAT.  My leg didn’t ache until the last  lap or two.  In fact, I accidentally walked an extra long lap, so I ended up with half a lap more.  I also realized that I’d hit the point where I didn’t’ wonder if I was going.  It had become a matter of WHEN.  That was huge.

Monday-  After Braelyn’s party, I walked again.  It was hard primarily because my foot is cracked from drying out.  I bought some amazing cream that worked before.  I’m praying it’ll work as well again.  I’m so excited about the blisters being gone!

Tomorrow I start a new aspect of my walk strategy.  I’ve never done well in the sun.  I get very sick in the sun, but I decided to walk either .2 -.6 of a mile during the middle of the day in order to get some sun/Vitamin D etc.  Then, tomorrow night I’m going to ATTEMPT to add a bit of length to the walk so that the day total will either be 1.5-2 miles!  So exciting for me.  I just hope I can do it.  I’m going to try.  I mean, how can you succeed at anything if you never even try!

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