Review– of Sorts

Ok, so Mondays are my book/movie review days.  You know.  Media.  Well, I’m going for media of a different sort– Cameras.

We’ve owned quite a few digital cameras in the past ten years or so.  The first one was a Dimark or something like that and had like 1.2 megapixels.  It wasn’t too bad, though.  It did the job.  Then, we bought an HP second hand from a friend.  I think we doubled our megapixels.  Oh, and back then flash was kind of essential for everything– sometimes in bright sunlight.  LOL.  At last, we bought our first “decent” camera.  A Kodak Easyshare.  It had 3.2 megapixels and we thought the thing took GREAT pictures.  It did too.  Then, we bought a second one for Braelyn for Christmas.  When Challice got married, we bought a five megapixel EasyShare Z740.  We still have that camera and we love it.  Great camera for daily shots– particularly for online photos.  Challice bought one as well.  Hey, when you find a product you love, why not stick with it.  A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted a better camera– one that could handle good prints and so forth.  After all, I do digital scrapbooking and need at least 300 dpi and the current camera does only 240.  So, I naturally went to the Kodak Easyshare again.  Why wouldn’t I?  They’d been so good to us for a good eight years or more.  I came home with the 12 megapixel M381.  Talk about wonderful.  Right?

Hardly.  I have almost never gotten a picture out of it that wasn’t noisy, nasty, and a huge disappointment.  I thought it was my fault.  I really thought I  hadn’t learned how to use the settings and such.  Well, guess what?  Not true.  Oh, sure, out of the THOUSANDS of pictures we’ve taken with it, I’ve gotten some decent ones, but at least 80% look horrible.  I kept trying, did everything I knew how to do, but last Thursday was the last straw.  I went to Morgann’s awards ceremony.  I took a ton of pictures.  Almost every single one was horrible.  If they weren’t the ONLY pictures I had of the occasion, I would have tossed them.  Without a second thought.  Alas, all we have to record that morning are blurry, noisy, and required a huge amount of processing to be able to see them at all.

Friday I went on a rampage.  Kevin and I went to Walmart.  We wrote down the model of every camera that we thought might be remotely decent.  We went to staples.  Lathered, rinsed, and repeated.  Went home.  He took the Walmart list; I took the Staples list.  We crossed off almost every single one.  He had two left.  I had one.  Mine was the same as one of his.  We went back.  At Walmart, it was 400.00.  Went to Staples.  150.00 (on sale 50.00 off).  That didn’t make sense.  We went back to Walmart.  I checked battery compartments.  They were different.  I reread the model.  Different.  Instead of the SX130, it was the SX 30.  We walked back to Staples and compared.  Went online at Staples.  Read reviews.  Bad reviews for the SX30.  Compared features.  Alas, the price difference was for a telephoto lens that I didn’t even want.  We compared prices.  If we bought online, we could get the same price from Walmart as Staples.  If we price matched we could get the same price from Walmart.  However, with Staples, Braelyn is buying a laptop soon.  Between that and the camera, that’d make for a nice Staples rewards thingie.  We went with Staples.  We didn’t buy the 2 year replacement thing at the time..  I wanted to make sure I still WANTED the dumb thing.  I was going to take lots of pictures in various settings to be sure.  Guess what?

LOVE IT!  Check out the ratings difference.  Two stars to FOUR.  Oh, and I paid less for the Canon than I did for the Kodak, but that isn’t really Kodak’s fault.  Everything is a little cheaper that way.  That is one good thing about ever-changing technology.  You get to save a bundle if you’re not a gadget geek who has to have the latest/greatest thing all the time.  Compared shots?

For Comparison purposes, these are straight out of the camera– NO adjustments of any kind.  When I tried to adjust to make the pictures look better, the Kodak ones looked both better and worse and the Canon ones just looked GREAT.

Kodak on the left.  Canon on the right.  (Apologize for the laundry pile and kitchen in process of being cleaned.

Again, Kodak left, Canon right.  I literally pointed and shot.  Didn’t use flash, didn’t use special settings.  These are on “auto.”

Do you see the blur and the grain in the Kodak pics?  Those are “good” shots out of this camera.  I’m frustrated that they don’t show the ugliness that usually comes out of it, but then I remember that you’ll see the hideous pics from Thursday this coming Wednesday.  That makes me feel better.  Sigh.

So, let’s just say I LOVE the new camera.  When I took pictures of things I WANTED pictures of, they were clear, crisp, noiseless, and colorful.  EXACTLY what I wanted.

2 thoughts on “Review– of Sorts

  1. Oy. I love my Kodak Easyshare… and I think it’s the same as the z740 something… I can’t remember. I dread having to replace it and it is way past time.

    Question: Is that Stampin’ Up sorter thingie FROM Stampin’ Up?? Is it worth the convenience??

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