What/Who Am I?

Last week, my blog post was about Deuteronomy chapter six and how, after examining our lives, I do not think I am living up to that command.  The funny thing is, a friend linked it to her Facebook account, and it started quite the discussion.  Somehow, my emphasis on “I” was missed and people saw the “we” that I mentioned as being “all homeschoolers” instead of our family.  I guess that makes sense considering the persons reading don’t know me, but in context of the post, it was a little odd to me that they got the idea I considered homeschoolers godlier than others, that I was striving for “perfection” and that somehow I was adding “stress” to my life.  Those who know me know that this is laughable, but it was a good lesson.  After all, sometimes people will read what I write when they don’t know me and don’t know how I am about these things.  I don’t DO stress, drama, and my idea of perfection is “done.”

However, as I told the ladies on my friend’s wall, the fact is that there’s something wrong when my children can recount in great detail the story lines of movies and TV shows but they wouldn’t know some reasonably major/familiar Bible characters.  We’ve focused too much on theology and less on Bible.  HOW did that happen?  I don’t know.  But, I wanted it changed.  However, one thing that the scripture seems to imply is that this teaching should be natural as we go about our days, not a constant monologue of a sermon chattering in their ears.  Talk about the perfect way to teach them to tune out the Word of God.  We need silence at times to process things.  Another reason to make sure the TV and/or music is off sometimes.   But how?  How can I find that balance?

Well, the answer came to me in the shower.  Isn’t it funny how often the shower is a perfect source of inspiration?  Odd.  So, I’ve instituted, “What is it?” or “Who is it?”  While they’re doing the laundry, I might ask, “General Proverb or Bible?”  Then I’ll say, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.”  Their job is to decide if it’s Bible or Ben Franklin.  Snort.  Sometimes, I do a person instead.  “Ok, Queen Vashti, Bible or History book?”  “Miriam, Bible or History Book?”  “Ptolemy, Bible or History book?”  “‘Faithful are the wounds of a friend,  General Proverb or Bible?”

It’s simple, easy, and it doesn’t matter if they know or not.  When we’re done, they do.  And guess what?  They remember it.  They get one, two most at a time unless they ask for more.  They do.  Nice, eh?

I’ll probably branch out to other things, but this is a nice easy, gentle way to infuse a little more of the Word AND help them learn to discern between a proverb and a Proverb.  I’m into easy.

2 thoughts on “What/Who Am I?

  1. You might also consider “scripture or song”. I once found myself hunting for a scripture I just KNEW existed only to realize it was a line in a hymn. Totally threw off the proof for my argument when I couldn’t produce the scripture to back me up.

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