Sometimes I ask myself questions.  I’m sure everyone has those moments when something they see or hear prompts another “why” of life.

  • Why are people so selfish?
  • Why do we do the things we hate most?
  • Why can’t that man see how his indifference is causing his wife to wither?
  • Why can’t that woman see how her constant nagging is driving her husband away emotionally?
  • Why can’t that child see that his parents have years of experience to draw on?
  • Why make vows that you are unwilling to keep?
  • If you don’t want an answer, why did you ask the question?
  • How can people cause so much pain for others that they claim to love?
  • Why do we think it is ever right to be cruel?
  • Why do you claim to believe in Jesus when you ignore His Word?
  • Why are so many men blind to the needs of their wives?
  • Why are so many women so insecure that they must emasculate their husbands to feel better about themselves?
  • Why is one person’s pain license to inflict pain on others?
  • Why do our families get the worst of us rather than the best?

I could go on all day.  The worst part of it, the answer is the same for every question.  Sin.

Psalm 51: 10–  Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.