Better Than Nuttin-

Ok, so I meant to have a nice spread of several people… but then as I was working on this, I had too much fun with that one picture of Jenna.  So, I’ll have to get more pictures of her this week and add them to the second page.

And, because it is so cool, here’s Ethan’s project du yesterday.  Kevin brought home our case of Girl Scout Cookies.  Ethan cannot resist a box.  He started building.  He created a three story house complete with couch, fridge, bookshelves, trash can (complete with plastic liner), toilet, sink, bed (complete with linens) and I can’t remember what all.  then, he proudly displayed it.  After Andra called it a “cute doll house,” Ethan informed me that he planned to add a roof and a pole to the bottom.  It’s a BIRDHOUSE don’tcha know.  The kid is ALL boy.