Funny website.  I got an account because I wanted to play Mafia.  Played for the first year or so, but the gals I liked to play with seemed to stop playing and new people came in with less than stellar language choices, so I stopped playing as well.  However, it’s been a lovely way to see what’s up with friends and family I don’t get to see much, leave a message for a kid, or tease my husband.  I like it.  Sure, I get frustrated when someone posts something indiscreet and dishonors parents/spouse/or the Lord, but for the most part, my Facebook friends are pretty decent people.  I like them.

However, this week I found a new use for it.  With so many people in the family and all of them coming and going, I’ll give a message to a few and assume they all got it.  OR, I won’t say something that I want to say because I know I’ll miss someone and then be frustrated that they didn’t all get it.  So, last weekend I got a great idea.  I sent a Facebook message to all my kids who had it.  Then it was easy to give the rest of the family the “heads up.”

The topic?  Bathroom Common Sense  (Not to be mistaken for bathroom sense of humor).  This is what I sent.

Dear Residents of the Havig Household,

Sons, Daughters, and beloved friends… lend me your eyes.  I’ve noticed a few things that would make the bathroom stay a lot cleaner and be easier for Andra to have to clean if we all did a few small things.  None of this is burdensome, rocket science, or in any way meant to be a horrible punishment inflicted because I am the vicious mother that rumors insist I am.  It’s just what my mom used to call common sense.  So, if you would be so kind (or even if you don’t wanna be kind, do it), in the future, please observe the following requests.

  • When you take a shower, please put your towel over the rod, hamper, or on a hook– this also includes whatever towel you used to step on when you got out of the shower.
  • When you use up the last of the shampoo, conditioner, face wash, shaving gel, or anything else inside the shower, please throw away the empty container.
  • If you get hair in the drain, it goes in the trash, not on the corner of the tub.  Just sayin’.
  • When you’re done in the shower, please close the shower curtain.  Leaving it open encourages the growth of mold and mildew.  My lungs can’t take it.
  • Do not store things in the window sill anymore.  This is why we bought the corner shelving thingie that I will put up when I’m done writing this.
  • When you wash your face, brush your teeth, or do anything else that requires a sink and water, please put the toilet paper on the back of the toilet and wipe down the sink when you’re done.  This has the brilliant effect of keeping the toilet paper from being soggy BEFORE use.
  • Your clothes can go in the hamper instead, but thanks for trying to give me new floor coverings.  I don’t like carpeting in bathrooms.
  • If you get toothpaste anywhere but running down the drain, please wipe it up.  I’ve grown out of the toothpaste glob decor phase.  It had to happen sometime.
  • If the trash is overflowing, please take a moment to tie up the bag or call Andra in to take it out.  Shock me once in a while and do it instead of demanding she does.  After all, she does a lot more around the house than most of you.
  • The back of the door is not a closet.  I am speaking to myself here as well.
  • Leaving the door open a small crack when you’re just putting on makeup or curling your hair lets others know that they won’t scare you off the pot if they knock.
  • We do not have a fan in the bathroom.  Do not shut the window.  Just don’t.
  • Shoes are kept in the hall closet, not the bathroom.

I hope you enjoy your time in the bathroom.  In the event of an emergency, stay calm, take a deep breath, flush, and don’t forget to pull your drawers up!

Now… we’ll see how this works.  Let’s just say that knowing they all got it helps!  I think it looks pretty good… and I’d like to keep it that way for the 2.3 days that it might manage to do that.

P.S.  I did not get the corner rack put in… it won’t hold anything heavier than a body scrubber.  It went back to K-mart.  Guess they’ll have to learn how not to have twelve different bottles in there.

7 thoughts on “Facebook

    • We have an over the door hook system and a toilet paper holder off the tank. Not sure if we could add the towel rack to what we have or not… that doorway is very small… hmmmmm

      The toilet paper over the toilet thing is awkward, but it does hold extra rolls nicely. We have 6″ between toilet and wall and maybe 12 between toilet and sink. TINY bathroom… but it works.

  1. LOVE that curtain… and I was just about positive that would be the faucet you would get. We have the same one 😉

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