It’s become a dirty word in modern society.  It seems as though relaxing is now viewed as an “upscale” kind of laziness– something reserved only for the elite and only after killing themselves with business.  I just think that’s kind of sad.  You see to me, relaxation has the same health benefits as sleep.  Then again, we’re also a sleep-deprived nation, so I shouldn’t be surprised that it isn’t valued, should I?

Everyone relaxes in different ways.  I love to read a book, write, sew, or take a nap.  My husband loves to ride his bicycle.  His idea of relaxing is to don his cycling shorts, hop on his bike, and ride as fast as he can for about twenty-six miles.  Can you imagine that at ninety or more degrees?  I shudder.  I have a friend who loves to work out and garage sale.  Her relaxing is fairly energetic.  Not my thing.  When I lived in Ventura, I LOVED to walk along the beach.  When we lived in the middle of nowhere, I LOVED to walk through the creosote and the sage.  It’s amazingly relaxing.  Some people play sports, some shop, others swim or kick back in a jacuzzi.  If I had a hammock, I’m pretty sure that’d be part of my relaxation technique.

I remember when people relaxed on the weekend.  They might go to the beach and soak up some sun, to the mountains to climb or kick back at the lake, and people like my dad headed out to the desert.  Now it seems as if the weekends are so often about going, going, going… even more!  YIKES.

Look, I’m not saying that no one relaxes anymore.  That’s not true.  I just think that we don’t seem to VALUE it like we used to.  I hear so much guilt in people’s voices when they mention the dreaded “R” word.  And well, I think that’s kind of sad.  I’m purposing to add more relaxation to my life– not “less work” but more relaxation.  There is a difference I think.

Of course, there is a little irony in writing about relaxation when as this posts, Kevin and I will be making a whirlwind trip to Lancaster for a little shopping and a “Cadillac” root canal for Kevin.  We’ll spend three hours on the road for less than three hours of being there.  Not exactly relaxing.  Oh well, Saturday is good enough, right?

So, how do you like to relax?  Do you think there’s a difference between “less or no work” and “relaxation”?


3 thoughts on “Relaxation

  1. I read, play the piano, draw or write to relax… just depends on my mood. I relax better when I have gotten a lot of work done before it. Skipping my chores doesn’t seem to make me relax.

    To the KING be all the glory!

  2. I don’t often feel relaxed. Not entirely sure why. Place usually = mess, so that’s the superficial reason… No place in which to do it.

  3. I like to sit in my bed with something sinful and a Dr Pepper and some Gilmore Girls or a chick flick… and I might be crocheting or playing Farmville. It’s a multitask, but it is mindless and I just CHILL.

    Every afternoon lately, I’ve been working on some crafty project like crocheting or ripping squares for a quilt while I listen to Dave Ramsey. And, that’s my daily “relaxation”. It isn’t always relaxing, but it is an attempt.

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